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Re: <nettime> Eating Brasil

Excuse me my brother h.d.mabuse, but, in spite of the Northeastearn
culture [Recife, Salvador, São Luís] be much more complex and "original"
than all the rest of Brazilian culture - specially the Rio de
Janeiro-São Paulo axis -, SP is very far of being a "dead cultural
city", as u said. 

It´s true that SP, the richest city of the South hemisphere, there are a
majority of cultural consumers. People that don´t produce art - just buy
it. But - and, as an artist, you know that - in the underground and in
the periphery is growing NOW a quite unusual, disorganized and
non-linear artistic movement - take a look at the hip hop bands,
graffitti action groups, litterary magazines and art fanzines, and many
many lonely artists that are using the Net as basis for their aesthetic

What I think that in SP is impossible to happen is an organized art
movement, like the São Paulo´s Modern Art Week in the 20´s, or like the
Recife´s Manguebeat in the 90´s, just because of the greatness and
richness of this city - surrounded by a extremely poor periphery -,
passionated by its own navel.

But me and George Orwell [and, of course, Chico Science and Mano Brown]
agree with you: "if there is hope, it rests on the periphery" [1984].


Ronaldo Bressane
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    Sao Paulo may be a curious city to think about, certainly is a
    terrible city to live in and anyway is a dead cultural
    city, with no culture of its own. Lending its cultural phenomenous
    from the other places of Brazil (take a look at the last 20 years of
    Brasilian music, for an example).
    Like Fred Zero Quatro said:
    "Don't expect nothing from the downtown /
    if the periphery is deceased /
    What was old in the north /
    becomes new in the South"
    > 1. São Paulo is a world city and Brazil is its hinterland.
    "Pare de fazer sentido"
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