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comme quoi...l'idée se propage....:)
- what is the a.Rss?
a.Rss is based on the idea of a free appropriation system for artists,
musicians, and designers working in the digital realm. the mass availability of
production related software and information on the internet is overwhelmingly
disproportionate to the mass of source data files for individuals to use in
their own work. the internet is constantly being hailed as a haven for
interaction between artists, yet the interactions have primarily been either a
text-based discussion of work, or a one-way transmission of a particular
artists' net.art onto their audience, with little interactivity that
effects the
outcome of that particular piece.
working within the digital realm, artists have access to terabytes of source
material on the web - unfortunately gaining easy access to all this material is
extremely difficult, delegating the artist to then start from scratch on their
own source material. this model for artistic interaction is not
viable in an age
of instant appropriation and file-sharing echnologies. this is why
the a.Rss was
the a.Rss is a simple and easy way for artists of all kinds to exchange their
source file material. source file material can be defined as a chunk of raw
source data of any media type - audio, video, 2D & 3D image, MIDI, musical
notation, samples, source code, binary, programs, etc. whatever data an artist
wants to share or trade can be considered source file
- how do you use a.Rss?
a.Rss is extremely simple and easy. using already existing file-sharing
technologies, (such as gnutella, kazaa, aimster, etc.) shared a.Rss
files have a
very specific and simple file naming convention - rss_. by having the rss_
header in front of the filename, this simply designates that file to be
available for a.Rss use and makes searching for a.Rss files easy - and placing
them in the shared files folder of your file-trading application (kazaa,
gnutella, etc.) instantly makes them available to other artists searching for
source file material.


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