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I want to promote your website

Sales / Marketing,

     My name is Vic. I came across your website via I am 
sending this business email to introduce myself and my company, Opt2Opt 
Inc., in an attempt to explore the marketing possibilities for your 
website. We are a full-service, double opt-in email consumer marketing 
company. My site- All of our names come from our website. We 
are not a compiled list, or have email names that come from some "ghost 
network of sites." We do not re-market any outside email lists. We have a 
touch over 10 million double opt-in members, and growing. Here is the 
survey that each and every member must fill out in order to become a member 
of our list-  We have a 12-hour turn around 
time. You will be able to track the progress of your campaign in real-time. 
We will give you a username and password, to be used in our clients' part 
of the site. 

     Unlike most companies, we look at our list as an online community. We 
send them a newsletter every 15th of the month. We scrub our lists 3 times 
a week. We verify the validity of each and every email address. This 
prevents any sign-up software, such as Gator, from entering our community. 
Right now, email is the best way to reach your audience on the Internet. A 
well implemented email campaign can boost sales, increase your newsletter 
subscription base, develop your companies brand, etc.  We do not do any CPA 
advertising, nor do we partake in any affiliate marketing. We work on a CPC 
or CPM basis, and I would like to discuss this marketing opportunity with 
you in greater detail at your convenience. 

Thank You,

Vic McDaniel
Opt2Opt Inc.
PO BOX 232
New York, NY 10274 - 4277

If you do not wish to receive any more business proposal emails from us 
please reply to this email and we will not contact you again.