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[Nettime-bold] URGENT PROPOSAL

Dear Sir,
I am Miss Folade Musa, first daughter of detained
Chief of Military Tactics with the Government of
Senegal. My father has been in custody for over 18
months and we are currently on exile in another
African country which I can't disclose to you yet (for
security reasons).
I have a direct business proposal which I believe
would be of interest to you. My father has left with
us (me and my two younger brothers aged 13 & 15) with
a box of money in dollars valued at slightly over
$21.5m U.S. (Twenty-One million, five hundred thousand
dollars). I intend to send this box over to Europe
because of security risks here and our frequent
movement for fear of being captured.
I would appreciate it if you can help me clear this
box from Diplomatic Courier Services ( the company I
intend to use)and pay it into reliable accounts. Also,
on clearing these funds if you can help us secure
visas/passports to enable usmove away from here to
anywhere safe, I am ready to part with 20% of the
funds for you.
There is nothing complicated about this and I can
invite you to inspect the funds before they are moved
to Europe or send you pictures via this e-mail
I look forward to your kind and urgent response.
Yours Sincerely,
Folade Musa

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