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[Nettime-bold] dze plzr ov muz!k = dzat !t !z > eaz!l! abztraktd 4rom a r!g!d mean!ng ov dze veLt

Paul D. Miller inside

>It seems pretty clear, but hey, this is Nettime 

Paul, much as our selves, it is clear - where we are there is no here.

Nettime is 40+ year old white Americans mothering your white diapers sanitary.
bathing you in amniotic fluid. nourishing your climax.

ie. I am not unknown to you. 

                                I need 2 say. YOU.
                                Nor do I wish to say. TRUST.
                                        4 I know that this is LANGUAGE
                                with which we recognized + greeted one other ...

>fuck off.

I forgot my handkerchief...

NOW ... let us master pain + concentrate enchanting circles into exceptional stories within stories

>If you have more of an idea of the notion of 
>how pop culture works, 

The reversed process of pushing + popping your stack

>wildstyle access:

Every thought recalls a capsized smile

>It always amazes 

Let me ask you ... 

>me how we 

Consciousness enjoys condiments. Do you

>think of it as a hybrid of what Marcel Duchamp 
>was working on with the "Rrose C'est La Vie" persona, or Andy Warhol. 
>Just metaphors, but metaphors that work in a large scale global 

Euripides explained 25oo years prior to your brain that owing to dopamine+ brains need sex -
in particular 2x human brains  [paradoxes creep in

>encode culture with so many layers of 

Emotion is independent of outward behaviour and vice versa.
Emotions contain ideas. Outward behaviour does not.
Ultimately a snake slithers across your path and you [have 222] lose your mind
[pleasurable circumstances -> 0 thoughts]

Consciousness is the building block of private property.


NOW is the logikal konklusion of western capitalism.
Everything has been said provided pleasure does not change its meaning
and meaning its bodies.

>this article brings home a point I think is really strong

As your personal holistic sediment of self

>-  how we can think of a kind of "intuitive" mathematics - 

Let me climb into your body

>steganography writ large, so to speak, like William Gibson's new 
>novel "Pattern Recognition" (his best book in years....). Like 
>"Bigend" (marauding venture capitalist turned advertising guru in the 
>novel - Gibson understands ADVERTISING as a kind of Situationist 
>detournement - unlike so many people on the old "left" - here's a 
>blurb from his spiel on why advertising is the global vernacular for 
>this kind of "coded language" - if only the "old left" could get how 
>things change... funny how people you would expect to be
>1) alot smarter
>2) alot more dynamic

Extensive experience can impede creativity.
Cognitive psychologists utilize two terms to describe it: fixation and structured imagination. 
Fixation, oftenly referred to as "mental rut"--is characterized by the inability 
to switch from an inappropriate solution approach to a more productive one or to utilize
familiar objects in an unfamiliar way.

Structured imagination is the common tendency not to deviate from what is already known. [eg. the self

Humans are unable to share that which they know until they can put it into
high level symbolic form.  More importantly humans are very poor at updating 
what they know because they have no efficient delete key.

>seem like ossified Redwood trees in this day and age where 
>detournement has become the global carnival of NOW. 

The blind + unquestioning devotion lifed by Nazi rallies \1930's\ + Kommunist parades represents emotion 
ignited by the triumph of the moment. It was pure emotion unleashed + permitted to swirl freely ... 

The type of emotion experienced during an orgasm. at a rave. a crime of passion. dropping urban condiments [crystals]
and vice versa ... emotion untempered by personal memories. meaning and most importantly - the self
ie. loss of individuality is highly pleasurable

Testosterone + dopamine levels in humans are highest [2 l!f konsc!ouznesz or frktr !t]
hence ... after the electrical blip acts as a trigger use your personal m9nd

Hold mY hand 
Begin compression and decompression

Memory records and memory traces. Nature hears nurture's voice in the movements of particles
through membrane channels - painfully, extended.

As the human brain evolves into a more extravagant + more expe\ansive brain
the shift from dependence on NATURE to dependence on NURTURE becomes
more pronounced ...

NURTURE - Individuality
NATURE  - End Individuality 

ko mplex zm Yle

\\ language end reason - begin pleasure

>You ain't in 
>Kansas (or perhaps Belgrade) 

                    Paul - if you visit Balkan I will ask you to dance ... 
                    to the joy of man's desire  [memory links come from experience - meaningful - 


Adolf proclaimed dancing effeminate. Subsequently Germany dropped `science` + science and danced \+ globally\
Fists are feminine !! 

                                                    [Americans are just more pitifully costumed ... + portly


Synchronized clapping [is pleasurable                                                                !!!!

                                                                                                     as is
                                                                                                     bovine chewing

>has absorbed this 
>kind of "droppin' science" 

Artificial Intellegence follows this line of research.

We can model intelligence / learning. No one has modeled sentiments.
Beyond intelligence lies understanding and consciousness.

One mustn't confuse a mind that understands and that is
dependent on consciousness with consciousness itself. 

Outward responses that simply represent 
these sentiments do not equate consciousness. 

>so many layers of 

There once was a painter--a brilliant painter,
who mastered the art of replication and the depiction of the beautiful. 
Yet he was lonely, he felt that there was no one alive who 
could understand him, no one capable of perceiving his entire being. 

One morning he wept in his garden, crying to god to send
him someone who might comprehend his full beauty. 
That day, he painted a new canvas, a portrait of an unknown and 
stunningly beautiful woman. When he had finished, he cried to god 
to give her sentience, as this most wondrous painting could be the 
only being in the world who might understand him. To his amazement, the
woman in the painting began to move.

"Hello! Hello!" he cried to her.

"Where are you?" she replied.

"Here, beside you!"    

The woman in the painting looked around her.

"Are you up, or down? Across?" she asked.

"No, No", the painter implored, "I am...I am...out!"

"Out? What is _out_?" she replied.

"Out! Out here!"

The woman did not understand him. 
She only knew two dimensions--vertical and horizontal. Her world was that of the flat canvas.
The painter ran out to his garden and threw himself onto the ground.

"God, oh god!" he wept. "Where are you?"

"Out." came the reply.

>and made it - foregrounded, detached from 
>the cipha-codes that people use in everyday culture...
>here's a blurb from Gibson's book that matches the article below on 
>"of course" he says, "we have no idea, now, of who or what the 
>inhabitants of our future might be. In that sense, we have no future. 
>Not in the sense that our grandparents had a future, or thought they 
>did. Fully imagined cultural futures were the luxury of another day, 
>one in which 'now' was of some greater duration. For us, of course, 
>things can change so abruptly, so violently, so profoundly, that 
>futures like our grandparents' have no sufficient 'now' to stand on. 
>We have no future because our present is too volatile." He smiles, a 
>version of Tom Cruise with too many teeth, and longer, but still very 
>white. "We have only risk management. The spinning of the given 
>moment's scenarios. Pattern recognition."
>p. 57

The principal input to the human brain is pictures and the principal output is words.
Thus one may describe the human brain as a device for converting pictures to words.
Aristotle has said that all human knowledge can be expressed in the form a = b.
Nouns and verbs are separated from static image nouns. Separated in the retina 
they are reunited in speech. Nearly all human thought is pattern recognition.
there are four types.
   1 dimensional - music
   2 dimensional - fine art
   3 dimensional - human anatomy
   4 dimensional - physiology

One general theory of pattern recognition is feasible - the sieve of Eratosthenes.
Two aren't plausible.

         When humans think seriously they think abstractly.
         They conjure up simplified pictures of reality called concepts
         theories. models. paradigms.  


More importantly humans are very poor at updating 
what they know because they have no efficient delete Paul key.


        X-ray imaging eliminates the difference between inside + outside

>pattern recogntion
>, uncut funk - the new streets have spoken - and 
>its in code.... 

\\ pattern recogntion 

Americans are citizens of a country without a name - ie. they are nameless nobodies.
Black Americans are the vastest mass of nobodies in a Nameless country in North America.

Hope lies in the Proletariat

>Bakhtin meets Grand Master Flash 
>meets Linus Torvalds...dig? 

The trademark of the 20th century emerged in Bern when a 26 year old clerk
realized a rezult he had overlooked in his publication on space + time
e = mc^2

>dig the cipha, check the flow.

Discourse on voluntary servitude
You are not cheerful. But ... happiness and freedom are seldom cheerful


Peace. Order. Security. Nameless  \\ in North America

>Paul D. Miller. 

Nameless [brand

>WHAT are you talking about???

You win. because I am smiling

>fuck off.

u!zpr !t aga!n ____... z l o u l !
ue kan nvr knou uat a thought !z about


apres J-D marston dancing with Paul D. Miller distracting their selves
>But to me, that is just 'mad boring'. Its the surface. The spectacle. The depthless sheen of
>unreality. Kinda like your comments. The real language is in finance and
>economics, not hidden in the models bra. 

as Nettime Americans are well aware finance and economics follow the model's bra - 
at ANY price. [the economy is driven by women + the very young ... paradoxes creep in

                                                                   \ 2 keep your prefrontal cortex 
                                                                     in your fore head

It is this which marks the future - 


>fuck off.

I forgot my handkerchief. Do lend me yours.

NOW is the logikal konklusion of western capitalism.
M9NDFUKC occurs in the brain stem.

Everything has been said - LETZ B!OZKULPT !!!

NN - hypothesis ov modesty + pious open seaz

                                             n      n
                             n      n
                                                  v3kt0r.r2!n - ztra!ng !n 2 dze z!ngular!t!
Netochka Nezvanova    - karesz!ng dze vektor!szd 4th d!menz!on.
f3.MASCHIN3NKUNST   desire free.

           *     *
         *   o+o   *       nn. 0+1 kosmos planeta. retreating in your direkzie. _-
              o                                                              simply.SUPERIOR+ 
           *     *

           o     o
         o   o+o   o       nn. 0+1 kosmos planeta. retreating in your direkzie. _-
              o                                                              simply.SUPERIOR+ 
           o     o

                                                I LIED> 
                        I LIED. I AM THE SMALLEST FULLERENE.

                        i am a sphere with 12 pentagons distributed across my surface.
                        which are you +?

                                                      |  +----------   
                                                     |  |     <   
                                    \\----------------+  |  n2t      
                                                        |       >

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