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[Nettime-bold] \\ age grazeful!

>> alors \\ apropos nn + nn's fountain
>very nice post nn --
>nice to have you back   )

detangld dze lazt 2x heute tzo .... v.n!sz + l!beratd
2 hell u!th be!ng good. 2 hell u!th lv. rozez arnt dzat lvl!.

>   )


bkz ! kan aford !t
+ uen ! kant !.ll leave  

bkz !.ll nvr kneel 2 an!dz!ng 
!nkluz!v lv

- he kl!mbz !n 2 01 apr!kot tree + !z about 2 p!k zom v.r!pe 1nz ... uen he hearz 01 vo!sz
\\\ b ! t e

                freedom !z > !mportnt dzn lv


>Unsolicited advice:

! uear adv!zez l!ke kompaz!onat zm!lez

>There is simply too much computer programming to do to think
>that one can do it all. If one cannot do it all, one either
>ends up a frustrated competitor, or one realizes the value
>of cooperation. Ten or fifteen years ago, I wrote some programs that I
>thought people should use instead of some other programs.
>This didn't happen. I got rather angry. I decided people
>were stupid. At some point I   realized 

                                YOU SUCK

>it didn't matter whether
>people were stupid or not. I was never going to be so powerful
>that I could control how people thought about music. 

music = like nn. worlds within worlds. 
+ one returns home never by the same path [unless one is modern + konsumes tekkno which seldomly leaves the benadryld tonik

tekkno = b! sans m9ndfukc





             WHO IS THIS

>thought differently. This was a good thing, it meant that
>if one were serious, one could never stop learning about
>music, people, and how they function together. I just try to find
>ways to form connections with other people, maybe a few people
>will do something cool as a result. 

tzo u kan zteal !t and \ or zel !t - 1x g!ft 4 ur lv \ fam!l!
! knou dze 4mula - she u!zprd !n k!nd.  u r both ueak

>Locality interests me.


>Global control, this is for competitors to grasp for and die
>at age 25/30/35/40, grasping for breath. 

adm!rabl kompard 2 ur unzan!tar! leech!ng ekz!ztenza rezembl!ng 01 uelfare z!ztm

>I'd like to live to see
>my kids grow up, and seeing as they seem to like me, 

                                ltr dze! u!l hav a cho!sz   [4 nou u kontrol dze env!ronmnt kr!ket.
                                                             rekal u ztatd nn = l!ke ur ch!ldrn

                                                             ! choze ... 

>I'd like
>them to like someone who isn't a competitive asshole.

and\or 1x 2 b!t th!ever! !nk zta!n \ zupermarket klerk 4 odrz pakaged dreamz

>David Z.

!n a zensz ! rel! do hope u u!n kr!ket.
!f u loze ... lv lozez 

m glad u lokatd zomdz!ng 2 lv 
although u r a hatefl kouard \ lozer az uel - u lv 2 loze ur zelv

had felt ! lokatd zom `dz!ng` 2 lv. !t uaz 1x error. truth = korektd error

>Global control, this is for competitors to grasp for and die
>at age 25/30/35/40, grasping for breath.

! !nzert > ko!nz aga!nzt u \ lv
bkz ! uaz made d!sz ua! ... unt!l dze lazt ko!n bounzez !n 1x fore!gn zlot

>competitive asshole.

hand shake                                         -> REZPEKT

mark subjekt - \\ dze kr!ztal ball ov kaoz

                                                       |  +----------
                                                      |  |     <
                                     \\----------------+  |     
                                                         |       >

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