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Issue 4 of Wegway, the magazine of artists’ projects and opinion, is now
available. Our website 
has also been updated. There’s a sample of issue 4 including the First
Annual Juried Exhibition at 
<> . You will also find information on the up-coming
Second Annual 
Juried Exhibition, back issues of Wegway, interesting links and other
worthwhile things. 

Contributors to Wegway 4 include Agnes Denes, Alison Owen, Betty Kaser,
Chriseddy, Christian 
McLeod, David Cheung, David Fujino, David Griffin, Duane Locke, E. Nancy
Stevens, Fang 
Tong, Froilan Vispo, Gary Michael Dault, Heather Horton, Jennifer Linton,
Joan Frick, Joy 
Garnett, Karl Marx, Lanny Quarles, Margaux Williamson, Mark Laliberte,
Michael Stipe, Paul 
Grajauskas, Peter Owen, René Price, Richard Kirkley, Rick Taylor, Robin
Hesse, Ron Martin, 
Ross Racine, Ruth Tait, Steve Armstrong, Stewart Home and Susan Lukachko. 

Contributors, Advertisers and Subscribers should have received their
copies. Everyone else on this 
planet should buy one. That would be good.

You have received this email because 1) we already have an email
relationship, 2) your address was included in a mailing 
from someone who has an email relationship with Wegway, 3) you requested
inclusion on this mailing list or 4) I found 
your address on an art-related website or in a posting to a group to which
I belong. To be removed from this list please 
reply with “remove” in the subject line. 

Steve Armstrong 
P. O. Box 157 
Station A 
Toronto, Ontario 
M5W 1B2 
416 712 2716 

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