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[Nettime-bold] OneWorld Radio to link up with MTV for World AIDS Day 2002

OneWorld Radio to link up with MTV for World AIDS Day 2002 

OneWorld Radio ( is to offer radio stations around the 
world the opportunity to broadcast HIV/AIDS awareness programming from the MTV 
Staying Alive campaign (

On 1 December 2002, World Aids Day, MTV channels will air a special show 
featuring some of the most diverse and exciting acts in the music scene in 
concert from Capetown, South Africa and Seattle, USA.

Grammy-winning Alicia Keys, Sean 'P. Diddy' Combs and hip hop star Missy 
Elliott are among the artists performing and supporting the effort to unite 
young people across the globe and actively engage them in the fight against 

OneWorld Radio is dedicated to fighting HIV/AIDS using radio - the most 
important source of information about HIV/AIDS for people in developing 
countries. The network uses an online audio database for the free exchange of 
programmes between radio stations and civil society organizations across the 

MTV is making their Staying Alive material available for OneWorld Radio member 
stations in over 40 countries. The content includes 11 live songs, public 
service announcements and editorial packages of prominent individuals and 
artists talking about issues around HIV/AIDS, such as Nelson Mandela speaking 
on the need to fight discrimination about HIV/AIDS.

"OneWorld Radio is an innovative use of the Internet to support radio stations 
across the world communicate the most important social issues," says Georgia 
Franklin, Vice President for Public Affairs, MTV Networks International. "MTV 
is pleased to join forces with OneWorld Radio to ensure that the Staying Alive 
campaign will reach those most affected by HIV/AIDS." 

"This agreement with MTV enables us to provide radio stations in our network 
with HIV/AIDS awareness programming in a music format that has mass appeal," 
says Jackie Davies, OneWorld Radio Manager. "Media across the world have a 
major role in raising awareness of HIV/AIDS. MTV has shown a lead by empowering 
their audiences to protect themselves. Other media companies must follow if we 
are ever to defeat AIDS."

Radio stations will be able to download the audio from the OneWorld Radio 
website and broadcast the programming rights free within a 30-day period 
starting World AIDS Day.

For media enquiries contact Glen Tarman, OneWorld Publicity Manager, tel: +44 
(0)20 7091 4541 email:

For radio station enquiries about broadcasting the MTV special through OneWorld 
Radio contact Jenny Eschweiler, OneWorld Radio Editor, Tel +44 (0)20 7091 4543 

Notes to editors:

1. OneWorld is a non-profit network that aims to harness the democratic 
potential of the Internet for human rights, sustainable development and an end 
to world poverty. OneWorld brings together a partner community of over 1250 
organizations at

2. OneWorld Radio Aids Network (, is a themed 
network of OneWorld Radio (, an online community of 
radio stations and NGOs sharing programmes and ideas on sustainable development 
and human rights. OneWorld Radio Aids Network is also part of the OneWorld 
portal on issues related to HIV/AIDS, (

3. Staying Alive ( is a multi-tiered campaign to promote 
awareness about and prevention of HIV/AIDS in the international youth community 
and is a partnership between MTV Networks International, YouthNet spearheaded 
by Family Health International, and the Kaiser Family Foundation.

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