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[Nettime-bold] Create a government as easily as you can create a company

Title: Create your own government as easily as you can create a company

The most revolutionary project of the XXI century has started not in US or Europe but in India. Now, anybody can take the chance to create a government in the state of Bihar (East India) as easily as one can register a company. A new step towards freedom has been crossed as any new revolutionary political concepts can lead to a new administration and a new government. The biggest historical step of transfer of power from politician to entrepreneurs has just been done! Now, sociology will real become a practical science and you can help us to bring the concept of competitive non-territory based government will enter in the public debate.



The conditions to create a government are to gather:

  • at least 1000 adhesions in the local population. These adherents should be willing to become “citizen” of a competitive government. You might also join a local organization.
  • an amount of donation to start up a government should be of at least 25000 USD of donation to start up the administration of a competitive government.  However, this is our job to gather donations.


The fact to be “citizen” of a competitive government means that they will pay their taxes to the government they choose instead of paying them to the state of Bihar. This is a major concession done by the local government of Bihar. The concession is reserved all over a territory of 50 kilometer around the city of Jamshedpur and during 10 years. The area gathers more than 1,3 millions Indian soul whom 60 % are literate and 40 % English speaker. All political tendencies are represented in this population.  If you want to promote your unknown economical and social concepts, it is the chance of you life. Don’t miss it.


Become the creator of a government with a revolutionary social and economical system


You should be ready to live in India a few months per year in order to defend your project and start a government or to join an innovative government create by a local political organization. The first step is to describe your project of a government in two pages with your named and coordinate so as to differentiate the political tendencies of your government in the spectra of existing tendencies and send your project to:


Email: coexistencialism@yahoo.fr


Then, help us to bring this concept in the public debate by forwarding this email to as many people as possible.

Public awareness are crucial to success of this enterprise.


Become a donator to a non-territory based government and support this new concept


If you think you may donate of 10 $/EUR to support a government which will put in practice your revolutionary ideas, please send an email to coexistencialism@yahoo.fr,


With the field

NAME: _________________________________

ADDRESS:_____________________________________ ____________________

ZIP: ____________________    TOWN: __________________________________

TEL: ______________________

EMAIL: _______________________________

AMOUNT DONATION: ___________________________________

GOVERNMENT CHARACTERISTIC: ___________________________________(20 word max)


It will give you the right to receive the project of governments.



Then, help us to bring this concept in the public debate by forwarding this email to as many people as possible.

The promise of donation has the value of a petition and it is critical to prove to the government of Bihar the public interest about the potential of this social laboratory. It will also help up to organize TV debate about the concept of competitive and non-territory based governments.




About the CPCE


To understand how multiple governments can exist and compete on the same territory, please connect to the web site of the CPCE at:


http://lautbry.tri pod.com/cpce/coexistentialism.htm


This is the result of a long struggling of more eight years. The CPCE, a French association has finally managed to obtain the opening and the creation of a social and political laboratory in the territory around Jamshedpur in the state of Bihar (East India). This laboratory will put in practice the coexistencialism, which is a new political doctrine about coexistence and competition of non-territory based government.



Become a leader of the coexistencialism political party


As a doctrine, the coexistencialism is promised to great future. It is by some way the opposite doctrine of the “Marxism Leninism”. The promotion of this doctrine is a chance to make a great political career. The purpose of our fight is to bring to awareness the sense of innovation and sound management in the world of governing organizations, as it exists in the world of private company. The main argument is that the lost of territory monopole is the key to achieve such a revolution.

A more detailed view is on:


http://lautbry.tri pod.com/cpce/coexistentialism.htm


Email: coexistencialism@yahoo.fr



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