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[Nettime-bold] When was the last time you earned $300,000 on a life sale?

Title: When was the last time you earned $300,000 on a life sale?
When was the last time you earned $300,000 on a life sale?
3 Great Reasons To Offer Life Settlements
Referral Fee Paid $300,000*
Client: 82 year old woman with some health complications.
Circumstance: $10,000,000.00 policy. Cash surrender value $600,000.00.
Life Settlement Solution: Client received $1,890,000.00. Used proceeds to purchase a life policy that better suited her current needs.

Case Study 2
Referral Fee Paid $75,000*
Client: 79-year-old male & 77-year-old female.
Circumstance: $2,500,000 second to die policy with a $184,000 cash surrender value. The joint policy was no longer required.
Life Settlement Solution: Received $525,000. Proceeds used to purchase a $1,500,000 permanent policy for the female.

Case Study 3
Referral Fee Paid $90,000*
Client: 70-year-old male with distressed health.
Circumstance: $3,000,000 policy with small cash value.
Life Settlement Solution: Received $840,000. Purchased an annuity with the proceeds.

* The above referral fees were negotiated by the referral agent. Your fee may vary from case to case. You can even pay your fee directly to the policy owner.

What is a Life Settlement?

A life settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy that gives a policy owner a cash settlement in excess of the current cash surrender value. A life settlement is an innovative wealth and estate planning tool that professional advisors throughout the country are utilizing to increase their productivity. Life Settlement transactions may be entered into for the purpose of funding other valuable financial or insurance products.

Typical Life Settlement "Candidates":

• Change in estate size
• Change in health condition
• Divorce/Bankruptcy/Retirement
• The need to exchange high annual premiums for monthly income
• Premiums no longer affordable
• Selling a business
• Surrendering a policy or one in danger of lapsing
• Change in tax laws
• Need funds for alternative investments
• A family trust has eliminated the need for life coverage

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