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[Nettime-bold] From : Mr CHARLES YAO DUNCAN

cAvenue 10 rue 1, Lot 5b.
Coté d' Ivoire.

Attn:    Director,  

I know that this letter may come to you as a surprise
I got your contactin my search for a reliable company
or reliable person whom i will do this supply with to
CAMARA GROUP ETS after the terms of my commission is
agreed, as i do not want want to surfer again what my
boss did to me the first time we made this supply to
CAMARA GROUP ETS . I have full confidence that you can
execute this
business to our mutual benefit and I believe that you
will not let down the trust and confidence I am about
to repose on you.
I work with an Ivorian based public relation firm
TOURE ETS as the corporate affairs manage. Between the
12th-19TH OF June.2001, a seminer was held at Lome
Togo, of which I attended .In this seminer I
lucky to meet MR.SYILA I.CAMARA, the president of
business man. He is a millionaire farmer with cattle
and CHAD rebulic. More over he is the greatest
supplier of cattle to the whole of west Africa.
On knowing my profession he told me about the huge
amount of money he spends on the purchase of  a
particular but very important cattle Vaccine. He buys
at US$5.000 a caton sometimes he buys more than 400 
catons. He ask me if my organisation can source for a
cheaper supplier.
Back to my office I discussed the business with my
boss, he decided to handle the supplies by himself. We
did market research and discovered that we can buy
these vaccine in Europe for US$2.000 per caton,
 we agreed to sale to MR.CAMARA I. SYILA the cow
vaccine at  US$4,800 per carton  which they accepted.
I agreed with my boss that he will give me 20% of the
profit. On the 21st of Sep 2001, we made the first
suppliers of 250 catons to CAMARA GROUP ETS , my boss
give me a dime. Instead he bought me an old model
Cetron car. Since then my relationship with my boss
have seized to be cordial. He never talked to 
A GROUP ETS again.
Recently I intercepted some letters from CAMARA GROUP
ETS to
my boss. I was surprise to learn that my boss had made
two more supplies to them which I knew nothing about.
More so they are requesting for more suppliers of 800
catons before the end of Nov.2002.  These
letter never get to my boss. Instead , I call 
MR.CAMARA I. SYILA and convinced him that I can
arrange for an
international supplier who can supply him at the price
of US$4,400 per caton but that he (MR.CAMARA I. SYILA)
pay cash before lifting the goods  which  he accepted.
He is presently waiting for me and my foreign contact
For the moment he has stopped all contact with my
If you can handle this project please contact me
immediately on my direct email address for details and
negotiations as regards
my commission

Thank you and best regards.


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