mriheakegoduke on Thu, 21 Nov 2002 05:23:02 +0100 (CET)

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Dear Sir,

It is my pleasure to write and inform you of a transaction involving
the transfering of ($37.2m Million U.S. Dollars only into a foreign
account for safe keeping pending my arrival with my colleagues for
the sharing with whosoever owns the account into which the amount is

I am the financial Director with the Nigerian National Petroleum
Corporation(NNPC)in Lagos and this originated from over-invoiced
contracts executed for my corporation sometimes ago of which I am one
of the signatories whosigned on the project to the contractors.

On completion and inspection of this contract, the payment vouchers
had been approved and the moneymade available for the payment to the
contractor. But as a matter of fact, we are top government officials
and we are not liable to come out openly to claim this above money.
This is why we are looking for acompetent and honest company or
individual abroad whose documents would be tendered by us here in
Lagos as one of the contractors that executed the project. These are
the two major contracts awarded to the foreign construction firms.
The contracts were Turn Around Maintenance jobs on Ajaokuta Steel
Manufacturing Complex (The nation?s steel productionfirm) awarded to
Petrochemical Company awarded to CHIYODA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY,JAPAN.

So after due consultations, you were strongly and reliably
recommended to us, by a good friend that works with the Chamber of
Commerce and Industires of your country. Although we have never met
or entered into any kind of transactions with you before as to know
you but based on the recommendation, I personally want to believe
that you are honest enough. It is on this note that we consider it
proper to write you asking for your consent and support to transfer
this into your account. 

You should not fear any risk because we have concluded every
arrangement to safeguard this transaction but at the same time. We
would want you to maintain high level of confidenceand secrecy. I
want your private telephone and your fax number.

Meanwhile, this is the breakdown of the modality (1). 30% of the
money is for you for using your account (2). 65% of it is for us the
originator. (3). 5% will be used to settle all transference charges
by both parties. 

Therefore, if you will wish too assist us, hasten upand send the
following documents to us immediately.(1). Two(2) blank copies of
your company?s or individual letter headpaper signed and stamped.
(2). Two (2) copies of your proformer invoicessigned and stamped.
(3). Your bank particulars, address and accountnumber, telephone,
telex and faxnumbers for quick communication.

The above documents will be used to source for aprovals for payment
and describe the nature of the contract already executed. Contact me
through my private email address further details. 

God bless you and your family.

Best regards, 

Mr Iheakego Duke

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