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[Nettime-bold] New Tax Preparation Solutions!

Title: New Tax Preparation Solutions!
New Tax Preparation Solutions!
Free Trial Version CD-ROM!!

TAX$IMPLE has all the forms and schedules you will need
1,700 Federal and State Tax Forms and Worksheets
1040 - 1120/S - 1065 - 1041 - 706 - 709 - 990 - States

Call Today for a FREE Full Working Version of our 2001 CD-ROM!   800-989-8955

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“TAX$IMPLE has all the features and flexibility I need to handle any type of return. I especially liked having the programs and updates available via the Internet. This gave me 24 hour access to TAX$IMPLE and really increased my productivity.” — Michael Lazar, CPA, Maplewood, NJ

TAX$IMPLE   IRS e-file

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