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Second Degree and Master Reiki Channels


Please share this letter with all your Reiki friends.


Joining the Tora Or Project


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Our natural and social environments currently face the worst threats ever known that endanger the survival of humanity, flora and fauna alike.


Society is threatened by war with billions experiencing poverty while societal structures rapidly degenerate. Pollution and the industrial onslaught of desperate economies continue to accelerate environmental destruction further threatening human society.


There has never been a greater urgency for the Reiki Healers of the world to co-operate together to dedicate themself to the task of Planetary Healing.


Through combining our ability to channel Reiki toward the one goal as a planetary community of souls we generate an unconqeurable power to restore this Planet to Perfection.


I urge you to please waylay your personal agendas to selflessly come together as one united effort to use this Holy Gift of Reiki for it's intended purpose to bring Healing and Enlightenment to this Planet.


You chose to become a Reiki Healer to bring healing light into this world for you know that the need now is great.  Your purpose in life is to be a Beacon of Light to the World.


Now I compel you to dedicate yourself to your true purpose and gather together as One in an Unified Effort to restore this beautiful Planet to Perfection.


Merely sending Reiki to the Planet alone or with a small group is not enough; it is helpful and beneficial yet lacks the exponential power of a globally unified community dedicated to the one goal.


Your duty and purpose as a Reiki Channel is to infuse the Energy of Reiki into All Life.


And so, I urge you to gather together as One People to Fulfill this One Purpose.


Second Degree and Master Reiki channels around the world are invited to consider joining a Planetary Light Matrix and Inter-Personal Light Body Empowerment Project.


Participants will be working directly with the Aquatic Legions of the Dolphin and Whale Species, the Light Beings of Sirius, Pleiades, Archturus and the Archangelic Orders of the Eternal Mother-Father God in building, integrating, empowering and regulating the architectural structures of the Planetary Light Matrix and one another's Light Bodies.


The importance and influence of this project is immense in it's effectuating the healing, right growth and enlightenment of this Planet and it's inhabitants in accordance with the Will of the Eternal Mother-Father God.


We wish to gather as many Reiki Channels from around the world to join this voluntary world healing project as possible.


The more Reiki Channels dispersed across the globe that participate in this project, the more powerfully we will achieve Planetary Peace and Enlightenment.




JOIN - toraor-subscribe@yahoogroups.com



The project was inaugurated by the Celebration of the Birth of Gautama Buddha and

co-currently the same astronomical alignment that has not occurred since the Birth of Jesus Christ.





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