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[Nettime-bold] urgent

TEL: +31-623148297

I got to know about you through business world wide directory, I 
am the elders son of Dumbaya Kabbah of Sierra Leone West Africa who 
was arrested and detained by the ECOMONG which led to my seeking 
political asylum in Holland the Netherlands.
My purpose of writing you this letter is to seek for your assistant, 
before i flew out of my country,I arranged with a diplomatic courier 
services to help by sending me a box that contain US$15,000.000.00. 
DOLLAS (fifteen million united sate dollars..
This money was suppose to be used in buying weapon by my father 
nobody no that the box contain money it was only me and my father 
who knows the content. I send it as personal effect, the box arrived 
Holland last week and i was told to come and clear it with the SEA 
AND AIR DIPLOMATIC SECURITY SERVICES with certain amount of dollars 
being cost of shipment /handling charges.
Presently this proposal is to inform you that i need your assistant 
as regards the clearing of this box as i am finacialy handicap base on my present predicament .
However base on the content in the box i deem it not fit to disclosed 
to anybody including the security company. We need to haste up for 
the immedaite clearance of the box from the security company this 
is to aviod accumulation of demurrage and for onward transfer into 
your nominated bank account further investment in any business area of your interest.
If you are interested to help me for the conllection of the box, 
both of us will go into an arranment as per percentage. As a young 
man i dont what to bring my seif out because  i am on political 
asylum (refugee) procedure Netherlands.
As soon you indicate you williness to assisst me on this regards, 
you shall be require to come down to Amsterdam for a brief meeting 
with me before the subsequent procedure of the clearing the box.
Please treat this letter highly confidential, As i expected to hear from you soonest.
Please call me on the above number for more discussions.

Thanks for your anticipated cooperation.

Best regards,

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