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From;John Manda Mark and Family,
     Johannesburg,South Africa.


Good day.This very confidential request should come as a surprise to you.But it is because of the nature of what is happening to me and my family that urged me to contact you, and I quite understand that this is not the best way to contact you because of the nature of my request and the attention it requires.I got your contact information from your country's information directory during my desperate search for someone who can assist me confidentially in relocating and managing some family fortunes.

My name is John Manda Mark, the second son of Mr.Stephen Nddu Mark,of Beitbridge Zimbabwe.At the height of the present political crises in my country,in which the white farmers are being slained and ripped off their belongings by the supporters of my country's president,Mr.Robert G.Mugabe,in their efforts to reclaim all the white owned farms. 

My father,during his life on earth was a prominent business man who traded on diamond and gold from some foreign countries.He was a public critic of Mr. Robert Mugabe's crude policies and crime against humanity on the white farmers.My father and my elder brother were brutally slained to a painful death on the 13th of february,2002, in their struggle to protect some white farmers who ran to take refuge in our family house.

As if this is not enough,the president after winning the last undemocratic election decided to block and confiscate all accounts and assets of these white farmers and those of black indigenes(my father's assets and accounts included) who opposed his policies and rendered support to these white farmers.
For safety reason, moved my mother and younger sister to the Republic of South Africa,where we presently live without anything and without any source of livelyhood.

During my father's life on earth,he had deposited the sum of Eleven Million and four Hundred Thousand United States Dollars[$11.400.000.00],in a trunk box with a Finance and Security Company in the Republic of Togo for a cash and carry Diamond and Gold business with some foreign business customers, awaiting instructions to be moved to its destination,which he never completed before he met his untimely death.

In view of this,and in accord with my mother, I therefore, humbly, wish to inform you of my intention to use your name and adress in making sure that this fund is lifted out of Africa finally,to the Europe office of the finance company and also seek for your honest and trustworthy assistance to help me clear and accommodate this money over there before it is dictated out and blocked by the present Mugabe's regime.My mother is presently with the valid document covering this deposit.

Now this is what I actually want you to do for me;

1. I want your personal particulars to be presented to the Finance and Security company in the Republic of Togo as the person that will clear this money when they lift it out to their Europe office.

2. To finally assist me in accommodating and managing this money in any lucrative business in your country for at least three years on terms yet to be agreed on. 

Please,I hope you will grant and view this very request with favour and much understanding of our situation now,and will be a very honest and reliable person to deal with.I emphasize, please keep every bit of this to yourself so as to protect my family's future.

Thanking you in anticipation of your urgent response as soon as you read this very request.

Best Regards, 

John M Mark. 


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