Heiko Recktenwald on Wed, 20 Nov 2002 08:42:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> streaming media software for arts released

Hi, maybe we should discuss this interesting project more.

It may have strong sides, the organisation of content,
institutionalisation (is this good?) of an (alternativ?) structure, but I
would doubt this:

> Perhaps the most significant and innovative element of the system is the
> Frequency Clock Player. The Player addresses one of the key issues that
> producers of streaming media face - the range of different streaming media
> formats. Streaming media content can be produced in a variety of different
> proprietary formats - for example, WindowsMedia, Real, and Quicktime. When
> users play a streaming media file, it opens within a specific streaming
> media player. If you watch a WindowsMedia file, it opens in the
> WindowsMedia player, a Real file opens within the Real Player and so on.
> Users must open and close a number of players in order to view different
> streaming media formats. This can be disruptive to the continuity of the
> experience.

If you offer your content embeded in a webpage, you dont see much
differences in design anymore. Most content is presented today in this way
and you dont see anymore which plugin is acting.

That users must open and close is only half true.
Well, they must close it if it if the streaming is over, as they must turn
off the radio when the day is over, but opening the player is done by the
metafile (if the media is not embeded.) Maybe users do associate
their new player with the different existing metafiles, as a replacement
for the real, win, apple player (will this work, developments of new
streaming media by the big companies will be faster than any subcultural
approaches..and users will not want to miss it?)..another way would be to
create a new metafile for the new player, is this a choise for

IMHO what is needed is a simplification of streaming media, not more
confusion. To see what is possible with what the industry does.
And to see how frustrated users really are with the many players.
IMHO content is more important, so I am keen to see how the content will
be organised etcpp.

mp3s are patented etcpp, this was and is no problem in reality.
Why should it be different with mp4?



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