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Suntan Capacitor company   

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am Laura from suntan. I got your email from internet. we are a Capacitor manufacturer.  

Ceramic Trimmer capacitors(2mm/3mm/5mm&7mm

Polyester/Polypropylene Film capacitors

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors

Ceramic capacitors-Mono/ Chip

Tantalum capacitors---Dipped/ SMD

Safety Standard Recognized Capacitors-Y

Mica Capacitors

any help from me, please feel free to connect with me, and welcome to visit our website: for checking what you need, wish have a good long-term cooperation between us.

waiting for your reply.

Best regards,


Tel (China)       : (86) 755 82996379
Sales & Marketing Executive
Suntan Technology Company Limited
Tel   :  (852) 8202 8782
fax   :  (852) 8208 6246 &
(852) 2304 8609

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