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[Nettime-bold] Loose packs and close-outs added today

Title: Loose Packs and Close-outs from SCW

Loose Packs and Close-outs from SCW


Sports Cards Wholesale has just received a large amount of loose sports packs and non-sport packs.

We have put all of the different items on the web-site under the section loose packs. Most packs are

Priced around .50 cents per pack. To view the prices and the different titles available please click the

Following link:††


Clicking on the blue links will take you to description of item

Yu-Gi-Oh Blue Eyes First Edition American Booster Boxes -------------------------- 159.99 per box a few available)

Lord of the Rings Mines of Moria Gundalf Starter Deck ------------------------------†† 5.99 per deck

Lord of the Rings Mines of Moria Gimli Starter Deck ---------------------------------†† 5.99 per deck

Dale Earnhardt 23kt Gold Card Limited Edition ------------------------------------------ 14.99 per

Dale Earnhardt Plush 4 Bear Limited Edition Set ----------------------------------------- 22.99 per set (hard to find sets)

Wheel of Time Children of the Dragon Booster Box ------------------------------------- 16.99 per box

01 Playoff Preferred Hobby Football --------------------------------------------------------- 42.99 per box

Pokemon Basic Series II Two-Play Starter Disc Sets ------------------------------------ 5.99 per

Harry Potter Movie Trading Card Boxes --------------------------------------------------- 12.99 per box

Babylon 5 Great War Starter Boxes ---------------------------------------------------------- 9.99 per box

Babylon 5 PSI Corps Starter Boxes ----------------------------------------------------------- 9.99 per box

Rift Starter Boxes --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 17.99 per box


Donít forget to visit the Bobble Head section as well. We have a large assortment of

Alexander Global Bobble Heads that we are retailing at 9.99. Micheal Vick, Ichiro,

Albert Pujols, Barry Bonds, just to name a few. Over 25 different player to choose from

As well as Scooby Doo and Monsters Inc. Bobble heads. Click the following link to visit

The different players.††


All orders over 100.00 are shipped within the USA UPS Ground at no charge. All other orders will

Be plus shipping. You may also call in your order to us at 800-566-7706. We thank you for shopping

With us and hope you find something you like. Just a not we will be adding pictures to the loose packs

Over the next day or so.


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