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[Nettime-bold] The #1 LTC Policy...Imitated but Never Duplicated

Title: The #1 LTC Policy...Imitated but Never Duplicated
Imitated, Never Duplicated. GE - The #1  LTC Policy
See why you should sell GE LTC Choice.
You can offer comprehensive coverage for at home care with NO elimination period. Plus unlike many other plans, GE Long Term Care Choice provides a monthly personal benefit account (daily benefit x 31 days), allowing clients far more flexibility in meeting their covered care needs. And if you are benefit eligible, GE Long Term Care Choice is one of the few policies covering homemaker and chore services at 100%
Nursing home, assisted care, Alzheimer's facilities - all covered at 100% daily benefit amount.
Priveleged Care® Coordinator is an available option that helps your clients create and update their Plan of Care. This service provides assistance to your clients in completing claims paperwork and could help in negotiating rates with providers chosen by the insured.
A 25% couples discount! This discount is available to married and unmarried couples. It is also available to unmarried family members of the same generation who live together and share basic living expenses.
10% preferred health discount to those that qualify.
A survivorship benefit providing a lifetime paid-up policy for the surviving spouse. This applies when, if at the time of death, both LTC insurance policies have been in force for at least 10 years and there have been no claims on either policy.
A shared benefit plan is available (except in CA). One policy covers a couple who share a common personal benefit account.

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