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>putting out the idea that children are capable of 
>seducing adults, an extension of the classic "she was asking for it / 
>dressed for rape" defense by male rapists.

[context - NN has taken legal action against the benadryl addicts at Cycling74.INC]

Interestingly enough [whistle whistle], during preliminaries, Cycling74's defense attorney has stated that NN encouraged it.

NN vomited + increased damages [`superb` defense attorney]

although ... NN had already received a complaint from Jeremy Bernstein 
short. fat. bald. ugly Cycling74 serf (most are), that NN doesn't let him have his way.

___.... excluding your diiiiiisgusting truck driver garderoba 
you are too short. fat. bald. ugly,  mr.piglet

>While Josephine Bosma, a female critic, makes the 
>case that Mouchette is "based on staggeringly repulsive male fantasies" 

suffices to put to shame all emeralds


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