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I am one of the former adviser on arms control and acquisition to the 
current president of sierra leone,His excellency Ahmed Kabbah.

Following the civil war in my country ,the head of state delegate me to 
arrange for arms purchase from Netherlands through an independent arms 
dealers.I was directed for arms worth of Thirty six million united states 
Dollars [us$36 million] .On arrival in Netherlands ,I defected to the rebels 
side and declined to go back to sierra leone .I decided to divert this fund 
which was brought through diplomatic means and deposited in a security 
company here in Netherlands and declared it to be an official consignment 
belonging to my foreign affiliate.

Currently, this proposal is to inform you that I want to transfer this fund 
into any of your personal account or company's account within the shortest 
possible time for self keeping.

Please note that this transaction demands the highest degree of trust and 
confidentiality between us, moreover, it's a risk free in sense that I have 
taken proper care of all formalities regarding it.

In appreciation of your assistance , I have worked out the sharing ratio for 
this transaction as follows:70% for my investment in your country under your 
close supervision and directions, 25% for your effort [help and assistance] 
and shall set aside 5% for all incidental expenses.

Please reply  on the above email as to give me your private telephone and 
fax number for confidential communication .

As I wait to hear from you ,be informed that all communication on this 
transaction shall be confidential.

Thanks for your anticipated co-operation.

Best regards,

PETER. KABY.[+31 630 233995]

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