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[Nettime-bold] Time is Running Out for the Impaired Risk Give-Away

Title: Time is Running Out for the Impaired Risk Give-Away
Time is Running Out Impaired Risk Underwriting Event - Don't walk away from a client who's been Declined, Rated or has Medical Problems

We can turn your RATED clients, and your clients
with current HEALTH PROBLEMS, into

The Medical Director and Chief Underwriter
from United of Omaha...
will be holding a Special Underwriting Event for Diversified Underwriters Services during the
month of November 2002.
We are Accepting and Quoting Cases Now!
Call now to discuss your case and we will be back to you within 48 hours with an “Inst-A-Quote” on your client, a formal application and proposals to write your case!

Make a Client for "Life" at our Impaired Risk Underwriting Event!
Visit our website:
Please fill out the form below for more information
City: State:
For Broker Use Only. Not For Public Dissemination. Life insurance underwritten by
United of Omaha Life Insurance Company.
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