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[Nettime-bold] >Booster! 11/18/2002 11:30:49 AM

Antenna Booster

Now you can BOOST your reception on any cell phone, pager, cordless phone, or two-way radio for only $9.95! (for a limited time buy one get one free!)

Fed-Up With Static and Dropped Calls Interrupting Your Important Conversations? 
Finally, there is a low-cost, highly effective solution to the nations' cell phone reception problems.  This fantastic product is one of the hottest selling new items on TV.  The Antenna Booster, is a new, ultra-thin antenna booster that dramatically reduces static and increases reception by up to 50% on ANY KIND of cell phone, cordless phones, pager or two-way radio. Just put it on and instantly see your phone's signal bars shoot straight up.

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