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[Nettime-bold] white male straight project

White Male  Straight project. by ventsislav zankov
/multimedia exhibition/
86 Ekzarh Josif str. Sofia
21.11.2002 -24.11.2002
21.11-2002  6.00 PM

22.11.2002  debate : the art of/and political correctness
Yara Boubnova
Ventisislav zankov
irina Genova
moderator Ivajlo Dichev
organized by "Red House" center for culture and debate

  web site

 Preliminary notes /ventsislavzankov/
The ordinary people/artists who are not included in the priority groups
and interests
concerning minority problems, ethnic, religious and sexual differences,
are not within the
range of vision neither of the sex conflicts, nor they are of homosexual
orientation but they
also do have the right to declare directly and to support their position
of ordinary, average
human beings who deal with art and culture without being accused of and
reckoned among
sexist, machos and sectarian or others derived from the above-mentioned
differences, concepts and terminology.
 This is a project that defends the right of expression, action and
behaviour of the ordinary
man who due to coincidence  is white /Indo-European race/, heterosexual,
irreligious, apolitical, ?-global, rather local, living within the
country where he was born
and grew up and habituated - i.e. he is neither an immigrant nor his
passions and feelings
are of a such. Nowadays it is easier to be different that to be the
same. Society?s attention
is attracted easier, more successful are the public and artistic shows,
they are more
attractive for media and art supporting organizations. To reveal the
unusual in the always
the same - this is a real challenge! The exotics and otherness we leave
to the cultural
tourism and to the local bearers of culture.  Object of the project
Without neglecting the
minority problems, to outline through the means of the modern art and to
defend the
parameters of one natural and usual human activity and existence as it
protects it from
estimations and definitions as machism, sexism, etc. and keeps and
rationalizes it as a
necessary and most important human behaviour.  In the struggle for
equality of rights and
positions and human dignity, the project aims at defense both of
equality and rights of those
who are not different. The object of the project is to defend the
balance of the couple The
Same/The Other. For Otherness it has been written and discussed, and
done much, as
always the starting point has been the Sameness. The project would like,
relying on the
Otherness to provide a new sense and definition to the Same as a
philosophical and artistic

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