Lingerie Airlines on Tue, 19 Nov 2002 00:17:01 +0100 (CET)

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Hi again!

This is Natasha from Ecstasky Air, the world's first "Lingerie Airline". 
I'm surprised we haven't heard from you yet! When you have a chance, I hope take 
a look at our latest updates at the link below...there is new video from new 
Nationally Broadcasted TV shows with some good shots of me and my friends in 
our 'uniforms'...and now you can BOOK FLIGHTS ONLINE securely and discreetly 
through PayPal.

Travel agents can also offer our flights and get a commission on every ticket 

With service that beats ANY airline and prices to match, how can anyone stand 
to miss this?

Please feel free to give Don or me a call anytime at (310) 858-5700 or just click 
onto our website for more.


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mailings, just click 'reply' and enter 'remove' in the subject line.

Online Promotions Department, Ecstasky Airlines,

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