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[Nettime-bold] Your holiday bonus from M&O!

Title: Your holiday bonus from M&O!
$800 Holiday Application Bonus!
Earn $800 for Every 5 apps You Send to M&O Marketing!

It was six weeks before Christmas and all through the day
The agents were working for such little pay
The marketing companies were promoting with nickels and dimes
The agents were thinking about how many times
Their commissions were little and incentives were poor
and yet they continued knocking the door 
When suddenly they were awakened by a big heavy crash 
M&O was out marketing with serious cash 
Though 20 or 50 or 100 sounds great 
M&O was out spending at 100 times 8 
800 bucks for your next 5 apps 
money for Christmas or for new years taps 
so hustle your buns and go get your five 
we'll send $800 and spare you the jive!

Christmas came early! Call M&O Marketing today!
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M&O Marketing- The Agent's Company

For agent use only. Cash Bonuses awarded on Long Term Care and Annuity paid, issued business. Business must be written through M&O Marketing, with any of our four top carriers. For participating hierarchies only; see your General Agency for details. Offer ends 12/31/02.

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