moraka on Sun, 17 Nov 2002 19:10:02 +0100 (CET)

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Dear Sir, 

The South Africa economy has witnessed a steady growth since the end of Apartheid. Within the Ministry of Minerals and Energy where I worked as director of Auditing and Project Implementation, Mining and Quarrying alone contributes 12.3% GDP(R25.9Billion
), Gold made up R19.9Billion of the yearly export while Base metals and other mineral products contribute R6.7Billion and R5.0Billion respectively. This figures excludes Diamond, which is quoted seperately. The Government have continously strive to impro
ve and maintain good relationship with foreign governments and non governmental financial agencies by ensuring payments for all debts owed foreign contractors. Infact, the government have sponsored several trade delegation overseas to improve and attract
foreign investments to South Africa. Presently I am on my wayto a West African country to resume my appointment as an adviser on Mining and Quarrying matters inrelation to the aforementioned. I write to solicit your partnership in a matter I believe wil
l be of mutual benefit to us. This would require your trust and capability to work with me with your genuine cooperation according to instructions. I represent a caucus in South Africa who needs a foreign partner to assist us in the receipt and investmen
t of US$ 27, 500, 000.00 ( Twenty Seven Million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars). The key issue is the transfer of the said sum to an account that you will nominate for this purpose for safe keeping and subsequent investment in a profitable v
enture in your country. We are ready to go into an agreement with you regarding your percentage in this transaction. For your information, 20% of the sum total shall be given to you for your assistance while 5% of the amount has be earmarked for any form
of expenses incurred by both parties during the course ofthis project. It does not matter whether or not you own a company , we shall guide you on what to do. The basis will be that a major company won a contract and subcontracted it to you. More often,
big trading companies and firms of unrelated fields win contracts and subcontract to more specialized firms for execution. We shall follow strictly all the legal procedures entailed in our laws and international laws in transfering the funds to you. The
source of the fund is legitimate and authoritative, our caucus extends from my Ministry (Mines and Energy) to the Ministry ofFinance . Please be informed that under the South African Government monetary policy, strategic positioned government officials 
are not allowed to operate or own a bank account overseas, hence our need for aforeign partner. We pray you take the essence of this letter in strict confidence and kindly notify me by return mail uponyour acceptance to assist us.

Best regards,


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