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[Nettime-bold] Bill Gates Foundation donation to India (2)

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donation to India (2)
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I was at a meeting recently where a senior UNICEF staff member 
warned that they and other UN agencies are now being starved of 
cash because all the big money goes to private initiatives such as 
the ones you mention. We must recognize that this is just one more 
symptom of the process of neoliberal globalization rapidly 
transforming the world as we all sit relatively helpless and watch. 
Money and power are draining away from all forms of public activity, 
even governments, into private control. Gates and a few other 
individuals control more wealth than the Rockefellers and their like 
ever dreamed of. Where is it all leading? Is there any way to avoid 
a science fiction scenario in which our children live in a world 
entirely under the control of a few huge corporations and the few 
males who run them?  

PS: Further evidence of the weakening of the UN, both financially 
and in terms of its ability act independently on behalf of the poor is 
the recent acceptance of Nestle into the UN Global Compact and 
the recent announcement of a partnership between UNICEF and 

From: "Ted Greiner" <>

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