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[Nettime-bold] $$$ NetWork Marketing Success Solo Ad $$$

Title: SOLO AD $$$ NetWork Marketing Success $$$

$$$ NetWork Marketing Success $$$


He has built a marketing organization from the ground up to $100 Million $$ in sales in only 5 years. He has helped more people create financial independence than any modern day marketer, he charges $500 an hour for consulting & he wants to spend 1 hour on the phone with you... FREE!


My apologies to writing at the 'last minute' like this, but I thought you'd want to know about a Rare, F R E E teleseminar I'll be on in less than 72 hours.

It all goes on THIS THURSDAY

9:00 PM Eastern Time USA

You see, I've managed to convince my mentor, and Self Made Marketing Millionaire, Dale Calvert, to join me on a *FREE* teleseminar this Thursday!

Dale has made millions of dollars marketing products and services and he has helped 1,000's of marketers develop six figure incomes & some of the people he has trained have even become millionaires!

Dale has decided to help you copy his Unique, One-of-A-Kind....

"Funded Proposal Lead System"

This program has just been launched and already marketers from dozens of different companies are calling this system the

"Next Wave in Lead Generation"

The Web Cash Leads program is totally unique from any of the credible lead programs available to professional marketers.

How much is this event worth to you?

Dale charges $500 per hour for phone consultations. This conference will have you on the phone with Dale for one hour revealing every secret he knows about sponsoring new business partners and....


It is 100% FREE & 100% generic. No primary MLM or Affiliate Program will be discussed.

To immediately reserve you spot on the FREE call, you can receive complete registration details by visiting:

Dale rarely does calls like this, the lines are limited THIS CALL WILL FILL quickly, so please don't hesitate.


Roger Wagers
VP Internet Marketing Support Services Inc.

Lines are limited-Register Here NOW!

, your top sponsor ad could have been here
See for details

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