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[Nettime-bold] FW: netstrike of Isole nella Rete against the last detentions

netstrike of Isole nella Rete against the last detentions
by ECN-ISOLA NELLA RETE 10:19pm Fri Nov 15 '02

The arrests of the political activists in South of Italy are really grave.
It's urgent to give an strong and united response. Isole nella Rete is
proposing a netstrike.
Over the skin of the activists from the South is the future of all the
political activism. The investigation about the small netstrike against the
Ministery of the Law Affairs Italian was just an small proof of how the
country is being governated. Police forces and judges have been preparing
to greet the pacifist answer in the ESF of Firenze with a plumbeous answer
against the presumed bad people from the movement choosed between those who
have tried to defend themselves in the network but as well in the street,
from a neoliberal politic which is a real danger for all the world.

While the cars of DIGOS (secret italian police) take tens of activists to
the superprision cells or make them stay arrested at home is necessary to
keep calm but as well to asume again a colective political way. The Social
Forum of Firenze has been a success for the movement in terms of comparing
and presenting colective political proposal. The Social Forum has
represented for the Government a pain in the back, at least in terms of
public order, but now they need to have an enemy to give them reasons to
have a good reason to defend the actual Government. They do it through the
criminalization of selected parts of the movement looking the fragmentation
of the unity (this history remembers too well to the one from the 70's). In
this scenario it's necessary to answer back with strenght and in a unitary
fashion to one repressive action which intends to beat those who are more
active in the net and in the street in the communication of contents of
disension or trying to defend themselves from a repression who has produced
many hurted people and even deaths in the last years of political fight.
We invite a all the forces of the active movements of Genova and Firenze
(without exclusions) to movilize in favour of the liberation of the
arrested activists against all forms of political censureship, the
movement's criminalization and all the prisions.
In our area we propose a netstrike against the web of the Ministero de
Grazia e Giustizia italiano [] for next Monday,
November the 18th from 10'00 on.


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