integer on Sat, 16 Nov 2002 02:55:02 +0100 (CET)

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>> >but this kind of 
>> >message is boring.
>> Women can be boring [NN included]
>> but generally speaking, their lives are more
>> interesting than that of nations. 
>> This we deduce from the countless scaffolds and
>> altars erected by miserable men
>> on a day of revelation
>   I am starting to believe that you do not like men,

!t !z true dzat ! m v.glad ! m not a g!rl

>Have you ever wondered why there are testes
>in testament?

zuzpkt dze! uerent chozen 4 dze!r beaut! tzo dze r!zn = l!kl! 01 odr

>> >yawn - 
>> Good Morning Paul
>> Let us celebrate reason together. Are you ready to
>> fall
>> Good. The free mind readily accepts what is
>> necessary.
>  have you accepted what is necessary, integer?  What
>is the freedom for which you strive?  The freedom for
>survival or the freedom for waste?

all ztonez r kut 2 konztrukt dze ztruktr ov freedom.
01 ma! konztrukt 01 palasz and\or 01 tomb 4rom dze zame ztonez.

>Good Morning

!t !z uat makez morn!ngz tzo del!z!ouz

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