Awwal Yaugudu on Sat, 16 Nov 2002 01:20:01 +0100 (CET)

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Attention: The MD/CEO,

Dear friend,

It gives me such great pleasure to reach you through this meduim,I know you must have received similar mails like this in the past and you do not know who to beleive please I want to say that this is no  scam mail rather I am sending this mail to you with the firm beleive that it will be treated with top secret and given the needed attention and consideration afterall.
My name is Miss Aisha Awwal Yaugudu the daughter of late Dr.Awwal

Yaugudu the former senior special adviser on finance and budget to late Nigeria military president General Sani Abacha. He died in an
unfortunate auto crash alongside his driver two years ago.  I am 25
years of age, a chartered accountant and presently managing Zinos
Telecoms Inc., a company i inherited from my fathers conglomerates, and since after my father's death my family have
never had it so good we have suffered undue embarrassments and attacks from the present government,only recently the authorities in Nigeria started the probing and seizure
of properties and bank accounts of top public officers\politicians
who have served in past administrations and i am afraid my
father could be affected in this exercise.

Please it for this  reason i am asking for your co-operation and understanding in this regard to use your account to gradually pullout some unspecified amount of millions of dollars  from our Nigeria bank account in phases, this money was specifically dedicated by our late father for the welfare of his children as contained in his will.  If it will please you to give your consent to my request I intend to transfer as soon as possible an initial sum of (USD$23.4million US dollars) into your account for a start, then the rest amount will be pulled out gradually in bits.  Meanwhile I am prepared to offer you 25% of the total sum for your effort and  an opportunity to invest some part of the fund into any viable business of your choice in your country. 

On a final note my dear friend, if you are convinced and willing to assist me make this proposal possible, you should as a matter of urgency forward to me via my e-mail address your full particulars which will include your private telephone/fax numbers, your banker and full bank details and your company name if any.  These information is very important as we intend to carry out  the transfer process under the pretence that you are being paid for  the upgrading work and maintenance contract your company satisfactorily executed for one of our petroleum refineries located in southern Nigeria. As soon as I receive any positive response from you I will then give you more detail information and my phone number and then my lawyers  will forward to you a letter of agreement which you are expected to sign and return then we get started.  

Thank you so much  for your desire to assist me and my family at this time of difficulty, even as i hope you will not
betray the trust and confidence i repose in you.  I am waiting to
hear from you immediately you receive this mail.
Best regards. 



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