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Title: Join the AnnuiCare Revolution
AnnuiCare - Don't Let the Revolution Pass You By!
If you answer YES to any of the following questions, it is time to join the AnnuiCare Revolution
Attention Annuity Producers! Attention Long-Term Care Producers!
Would you like to triple your clients' annuity value for long term care? Would you like to average over $6,000 in commissions per sale?
Are you looking for a great 1035 exchange product? Would you like to have your LTC applications issued or declined in less than five business days?
Contract today with AMS and receive the following:
  1. FREE PowerPoint Presentation
  2. FREE Flip-Chart
  3. AnnuiCare® Lead Program

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Policy Forms LTC-2 and LTC-3
Underwritten by Guaranty Income Life Insurance Company, Baton Rouge, LA
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