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[Nettime-bold] eyebeam online forum

From: "Beth R." <>


The artists and technologists at Eyebeam have begun their fifth annual
online discussion forum, and if preceding years are any indication, you
really ought to strap on a crash helmet and dive in.  The topic this time is
"THE RESTRUCTURED SCREEN: Conversations on the New Moving Image,"
and they'll be featuring new works weekly from artists who'll be creating
in tandem with what's happening in the discussions.  The forum will continue
until December 13. Go

so--everyone--pass this around to your friends and colleagues and
please post.

Nov.11 - Dec.13, 2002

The five week online forum ( is an
interdisciplinary dialogue exploring the language, narrative structues,
unique environments, and politics of the new moving image. Topics to be
explored include: immersive screen based environments in public spaces and
art works; concepts of looping, sampling and multi-formatting that have
affected narrative structure; expanded media access that has
widened film distribution and global activism; and new forms of interactive
interface composition, special effects compositing, and 3D computer graphics
that have forever modified the contemporary lexicon and changed current

Forum participants include:
Jeremy Blake, Anthony Bregman, Brian Drolet, Steve Hamilton, Chrissie Iles,
Mary Lucier, Craig Kalpakjian, Jeff Kleiser, Peter Lunenfeld, Pat O'Neill,
John Pilson, Matthew Ritchie, Alex Rivera, Benjamin Weil, Grahame Weinbren
and others.

Artistic Interventions in the forum website by:
Entropy8zuper!, Jesse Gilbert & Carol Kim, Fakeshop, Yucef Merhi, Marina

Essays by:
Norman Klein, Marc Lafia, Geert Lovink, Lev Manovich.

Interviews with:
Eija-Liisa Ahtila, Harun Farocki, Scott Ross, Tom Tykwer

Technical Support: Scharff Weisberg

Media Sponsors: Artnet and Artkrush

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