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Dear friend,


My search for an individual who is capable of pursuing
a highly confidential & urgent business transaction
has neccessitated my contacting you on this viable

My colleagues & I are members of a recently
constituted Contract Review & Award Committee of the
Government owned Nigerian National Petroleum
Corporation. We are currently in possession of thirty
six million fivehundred and sixty one thousand united
states dollars ($36,561,000.00),currently in a secure
suspense account of the Central Bank of
Nigeria,awaiting payment into a foreign account of our

This money is as a result of a deal deliberately done
by us, where weover-invoiced one of the contracts
awarded under our supervision. The original contract
has already been executed & commissioned, leaving
uswith the balance of $36,561,000.00. What we need is
a foreign bank accountfor us to transfer these funds.
This we are unable to do ourselves becausewe are
ordinary civil servants, & the laws of our country
forbid us fromoperating foreign accounts.

If you agree to assist us in this transaction, my
colleagues & I have
decided to share the funds as follows:

?h 20% to you for providing us with an account & for
safe keeping of
the funds.

?h 70%to us the originators of this deal.

?h 10% to cover any expenses (both local &
international) that might
be incurred during the course of this transaction.

Be assured that this transaction is absolutely risk
free on your part,& all modalities have been put in
place for a smooth & easy transferwithin 14 working
days from the commencement of the deal.

Contact me as soon as you receive this via my e-mail
address, whetheryou are interested or not. In case you
are not, it will enable us tofind another alternative
arrangement. Please endeavour to keep this
transactionto yourself, as we are top government
officials & we do not want anytype of exposure.

I await your immediate reply.

Best regard

Dr.charles nujoma

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