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ARTEMISIA GALLERY   700 N. Carpenter ... Chicago, Illinois  60622
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Main Gallery:  JEAN A. DIBBLE,  THE LIFE IN PHYSICS   (Mixed Media) 
South Bend Indiana-based artist Jean A. Dibble responds to the developments in physics since the turn of
the century, and the consequent shift in our understanding of the workings of the world.   These images also respond to the difficulty the layperson has in understanding the new physics. Unlike the straightforward Newtonian paradigm, the new physics defies normal intuition; the sixth dimension, for instance, is accessible only through mathematics.  Dibbles images are expressions of the conviction that not only the beautiful but also the common place and the forgettable are governed by the same universal laws as expressed in the elegant and complex diagrams and equations of physics.  Through this integration of the mundane with the abstract, Dibble hopes to inspire the viewer with the recognition that the universal is inherent even in the ordinary.   <>

Gallery ACHRIS WEBSTER,  UNDERWORLD  (Photo Linen and Oils, Etchings)     
British artist Christopher Webster makes photo-based mixed media works in response to his developing understanding of humanity as both physical objects in real universe, and spiritual entities in a spiritual universe.  Webster posits bodies between the metaphor of the desirous imagination and the tension of photographic depiction.  Websters work becomes the stage for a metaphorical interpretation of the interaction of science and the occult, vision and memory, disease and perfection.   <>

Gallery B:  LYNDA COLE,   BETWEEN THE FRAMES   (Digital Photographs)                                                         Michigan-based artist Lynda Cole makes and alters photographs.   She searches for and finds the gap between frames;  the gaps not only the in the outside consensual world we all share, but also the gaps recorded on film, and the gaps in the conceptual space of the computer. This disconcerting space contains suddenness, and surprise.   <>

Gallery C:  CAROLE LOEFFLER,  BINKS  a sculptural environment  (Mixed Media)                                Illinois-based artist Carole Loeffler, has, like a god, created a troubled life form.  Loeffler calls them BINKS. Bink - 1.a species of perverse abstracted beings (created by Carole Loeffler) that reveal the underlying nature of the bizarre and absurd in the everyday.  2.  Bodily features that define or articulate the being and its limbs. This is a tail, so it has a Bink on the end, or, these are the arms, so there is a Bink on each end. In Loefflers world, materials and process dictate the personality and manners of the inhabitants.   <>

Gallery D:  EXHIBIT 6,  FULL SPECTRUM  A Celebration of Color by Six Ann Arbor Artists                              (Oil, Watermedia, Acrylic, Photography, and Inkjet Prints) 
LAURIE SCHIRMER CARPENTER, MARTHA CECCIO, LYNDA COLE, JULIE KARABENICK, MARGE PACER,  BEV WALKER are Ann Arbor, Michigan Artists who exhibit their art as a group and meet regularly to provide a forum for the discussion of their work and broader art issues.  The artists work in a wide variety of styles and media.  Because their work ranges from realism to abstraction and employs materials including oil paint, photography, and digital prints, they have chosen color as the theme for this show.

PRESS (definitely) INVITED!  
For information and press packets, contact: Tricia Alexander, Gallery Coordinator

ARTEMISIA GALLERY   700 N. Carpenter ... Chicago, IL 60622
Ph 312 / 226-7323  ... Fx 312 / 226-7756 ...