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[Nettime-bold] CASCO presents AFTERNEEN

Casco presents:

Miltos Manetas

November 16 - December 15, 2002
Opening Saturday 16 Nov 17 hrs.

 . . . . . . . . .

"Computing is to NEEN what fantasy is to Surrealism and freedom to Communism.
It creates the context but can also be postponed". (Miltos Manetas)

In May 2000 Lexicon Branding was commissioned by artist Miltos Manetas to
invent a term for a new art movement that is characterized by artistic
experiments between the real and virtual worlds, between studio and screen.
NEEN was the resulting term, a palindrome created by a computer programme
after it was fed with words like 'screen' and 'new'.

In old-Greek NEEN is "exactly now, no second later". This is a nice
coincidence as it reflects what Manetas's NEEN stands for. It is impossible
to grasp NEEN, because after a second it is already gone. In this spirit,
Manetas chose to entitle the first presentation and introduction of NEEN in

For AFTERNEEN in Casco, Manetas invited about thirty internationally
operating NEENsters - designers, architects, web designers, artists,
musicians etcetera -  to participate. The installation consists of the
interactive NEENWORLD, designed by Manetas in collaboration with architect
Andreas Angelidakis. Avatars discuss the future based on manifestos by
Manetas, like "Websites is the art of our times", "NEEN and Telic", or "A
Prisoner" (a manifesto against copyright). Further more, a selection of 10
web sites made by NEENsters will be projected in Casco.

AFTERNEEN will be accompanied by a simultaneous presentation at the
Electronic Orphanage in Los Angeles.

People involved:
Jan Amman, Andreas Angelidakis, Tobias Bernstrup, Boy in Static, Carbonated
Jazz, Mike Calvert, Larry Carlson, Michael Cervieri and Contemplative
Physiologists, Mauro Ceolin, Aaron Clinger, Deconcept, Future Farmers, Joel
Fox, Yvonne Force, Roya Jakoby, Golan Levin, Miltos Manetas, Teizo
Matsumoto, Jon Krusell, Angelo Plessas, Rafael Rozendaal, Sawako, Nobukazu
Takemura, Trinasim, Aki Tsuyuko, Nikola Tosic, Mark Tranmer (Gnac), Mai
Ueda, John White C, Yi Zhou.

wed - sun. 15-20 hrs.
fridays untill 22 hrs.

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