RAM 2 Office on Thu, 14 Nov 2002 17:19:01 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] Call for workshop participants to RAM 2: A Joker in the Global Bunker

Call for workshop participants to
Atelier Nord, Oslo, Norway, February 5th to 9th 2003


"While the hacker may be the Mole in the ranks of technocrats, and the 
politician the Loudspeaker, the artist in this context is the Joker. 
Subversive in such ways that both the notion of criminality, insanity 
and political resistance are avoided, and any disciplinary reactions 
from the authorities are obvious oppression. Skirmishing the borders, 
acting as both the decoy and the trespasser. And, still smiling, 
carefully moving the limitations of everyday life, opening the ways for 
practices far more powerful."

- biomatic.org, 1999



RAM is a series of 6 international and interdisciplinary workshops. RAM 
is a nordic/baltic collaboration between the new media art 
organisations CRAC (Stockholm), Olento (Helsinki), E-media center 
(Tallinn), Vilma (Vilnius), RIXC (Riga) and Atelier Nord (Oslo).

RAM 2 focuses on artistic strategies for the networks. The aim of RAM 2 
is to stimulate interdisciplinary collaborations and to propose 
projects and structures from which a series of continued network 
activities can branch off.

RAM 2 Participants profile: artists, programmers, activists, cultural 
networkers, independent/critical journalists, designers, media 
scientists, researchers.



Day 1: dinner and get together

Day 2: seminar analyzing network strategies for corporations, 
independent and critical media, free software developers, designers, 
media scientists and artists. Lecturers to be announced.

Day 3: workshops on alternative strategies + tools and infrastructure 
to support these strategies.

Day 4: workshops and summary

Day 5: getting home again



10 participants from Europe + 2 participants each from Sweden, Finland, 
Lituania, Estonia, Latvia + 5 participants from Norway.

Participants travel and accomodation expenses covered

Application deadline December 10th 2002

Applications to ram2office@anart.no only - there are no application 

Applications should contain:
- name, CV and contact information
- a least one brief description of (past, present or future) project
- motivation for joining the workshop

URL anart.no/ram


RAM 2 funded by EU Culture 2000, Daniel Langlois Foundation, PNEK and 
Atelier Nord


biomatic.org note on Global Bunker:
The term Global Bunker points at the situation where ownership is no 
longer held by local capitalists but by networks of omnipresent 
speculants, where the revolution in transport have made the sites of 
production more or less independent from local resources and local 
markets, when the collective sites of work are disintegrated and 
replaced with individual, home based workstations through the use of 
global virtual reality networks, and when all sites are carefully 
defined in terms of their socio-economic use.

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