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My name is Mr. Jean Alexi  Jamgba, the son of the former minister of sports Dr. Alexi Jamgba of the Republic of Gabon who died sometime ago of heart problems.  I contacted you because of my need to deal
with persons whom my family and l have had no previous personal relationships. Since the death of my father, my family has been subjected to all sorts of harassment and intimidation with a lot of negative reports emanating from the government and the press about my father. The government has also ensured that our bank accounts are frozen and asset seized.

It is in view of this that l seek your co-operation and assistance in the transfer of the sum of US$16 (Sixteen million United States dollars) being the very last of my family fund in my possession.  I carefully packaged and deposited it as photographic materials with a security in Libreville where my brother-in-law is a general manager.

We therefore need your urgent assistance to move this money outside the country.  If you are willing to assist us in the transfer of this fund, contact my brother in Holland (Amsterdam) Mr. Matthew Jamgba,
immediately on the above telephone or e-mail address, on receipt of your reply he will contact you to discourse the details and negotiate your reward which l can assure you will be very substantial.

Meanwhile, I have earmarked 15% of the total sum to you for providing coverage, 5% has been set aside for any expenditure that we may incurred in the course of executing the transaction and the rest 80% will be for us the family members which you are going to invest for us till when l can be allowed to travel and meet with you.

Please ensure to keep this proposal very secret and confidential for obvious reasons. Why i await your immediate response fee free to contact my brother with the above address ( telepone:+31-627-521-307.

Thanks,Yours Sincerely,

Mr Jean Alexi Jamgba.

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