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[Nettime-bold] MarineLiens & Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Form an Alliance

Title: Press Release

Press Release

For Immediate Release Contact: David Hayward

MarineLiens Ltd.


MarineLiens Ltd. and Chartered Institute of Arbitrators Form Alliance

Maritime-Lien Dispute Resolution is Facilitated Through Partnership


BERMUDA—Marine Liens Ltd., owner of the global maritime-lien database at, has formed a strategic alliance with London-based Chartered Institute of Arbitrators for the purpose of assisting in the resolution of online disputes between maritime contractors or suppliers and vessel owners.

The year-old, a forum for posting and searching maritime lien claims, maintains its own online resolution process. Once a claim of lien is posted, notification is sent to the owner of the vessel, who then has the opportunity to refute. Notification of rebuttal is sent to the claimant, who then has 30 days to respond. If s/he does not respond, the claim is automatically marked as settled. Should the claimant respond to the vessel owner’s challenge, the claim stands and the dispute must be resolved outside of the Web site. encourages parties who are unable to resolve liens through its Web site to seek any available outside resources to facilitate settlements. The Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (CIA) has developed an online dispute-resolution process that dovetails well with the process. The CIA has tailored a procedure and fee structure that provides for resolution of maritime lien claims through mediation and arbitration—all through the Internet.

The site—designed for professionals who finance, insure, or service boats of all sizes and values—provides a free system for posting lien claims against vessels for monies owed involving any vessel-related services.’s current database of three million registered vessels is expected to expand to 30 million during the next three years. And the subscriber list for’s monthly newsletter currently exceeds a quarter-million people. For more information, please visit

The objective of the CIA is, in line with the primary objective in the British Royal Charter, "to promote and facilitate the determination of disputes by arbitration and alternative forms of dispute resolution." The Institute provides education; professional arbiters, mediators, and expert witnesses; and construction of small-claims dispute-resolution schemes. For more information, please visit




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