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[Nettime-bold] 8 New works featured @furtherfield.org

8 New works featured & hosted on furtherfield.org


[Explorations & discoveries of non-singular Net creativity]

[Sailing & White Mice]
Two docu/info/diary/performative pieces by 'Joseph & Donna McElroy'. 'Sailing' is JavaScript work incorporating photographic images that change each time you click on the page. Featuring interviews by people talking about their experience and perceptions on life and ways of living, life in New York, working and living on the River. 'White Mice' is a JavaScript work with series of automated images. Accompanied by a verbal-reflection about the sensory experience of the mouth, its flavours, the kiss and the memory. Discover the performance, fun and functionality in the works of this corporate, dynamic duo.

[One among 400,000]
A personal interactive document by 'Ruth Catlow' of the protest that took place in London, UK on September 28th 2002 to stop the war against Iraq. 'I am an artist but on this day I was one among 400,000 (or there abouts) protesters. It seems more relevant these days, for me as an artist to jump in with both feet, to be in the middle of a crowd of human beings when so much of our experience of the world is so passive and mediated by TV and film'. This piece uses javascripts and is accompanied by a flash soundtrack made in collaboration with 'Ouch Those Monkeys'

[Art or Action]
'Joy Garnett's' Bomb Project (Reviewed by Lewis Lacook). 'To say that Joy Garnett's Bomb Project is monumental would be an understatement. To say that it's a necessary reminder of the power unleashed at the end of World War II, and of the power the whole world cringed under during the Cold War--that would be more like it. And yet there's more going on here than activism (as if that weren't enough)'.

[Tales from a Corporate Crib]
Nick Fry's Literary consequences of corporate life: anecdote, correspondence, image and documentation produced from within the fold of a corporate working environment. 'Graham arrived when I was back at my desk - he hit me on the head with a bacon-avocado-an-mayonaisse baguette. It was a nervous pokey little assault - a compromise between not hitting me too hard so as not to upset me and not disturbing the sodden limb of lard smearing the inside of its plastic sheath'.
Other writings by Nick Fry - http://www.furtherfield.org/nfry/index.html

[Goat Boy 2]
Many remember 'micki Tschur's' first self exploratory nature fest & her many encounters in the Alps, and her meeting with the Goat Boy. At last, you can now visit & experience the sequel. Does she meet the Goat Boy again? We'll see...a comic strip that leaves you wondering whether these hot naughty encounters were real or fantasies. We suspect they were real, what do you think?

3 recent works exploring the less disenchanted states of being. In one of her works 'Miranda Matthews' starts to locate the migrant 'soul' of myth & magic, via performance, installation & sculpture. With 'Seal Suits' I decided to locate my own seal spirit and make my own seal skin. The 'seal suit' is made from neoprene, which is used to make wet suits. "It feels like an extra layer of the self. The silkies are creatures of Celtic myth, who have a hidden seal identity. The tale goes that women (and sometimes men) would hide their seal skins in a place known only to themselves. When tired of their ordinary existence, they would slip into their seal skins and swim off into the oceans". http://www.furtherfield.org/mmatthews/transubstance/index.html


'Wrapping Our Warped Minds' are visual and multimedia artists; exploring imaginative visual-scapes that users can interact with. You can either be the 'VJ' and change what you are seeing before your eyes, as pixels, code and images, shift and glide like a 'virtual contemporary Joseph Albers' on your screen. Or the 'DJ-sound mixer' changing the sound levels of the music on each of these sound/viz- scapes'. The beauty of it is, that there is an intimacy in the way it hangs around floating, unbothered about whether someone is interacting or not, although participants are encouraged to create new moods using the phasers supplied.

[Drawing Conclusions]
Catherine Daly has created a poetic experiment in response to old school book exercises in perception -- without the pages, poems from the series have also been featured at xStream and Delirium. http://www.furtherfield.org/cdaly/drawing.html

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