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[Nettime-bold] Re: <nettime> Total Information Awareness

On 11/12/02 11:24, "roya.jakoby" <> wrote:

> It was reported that Admiral John M. Poindexter, who was convicted in the
> Iran-Contra affair in 1990 but later acquitted on a technicality, joined
> the Bush Administration earlier this year as head of the Office of
> Information Awareness at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

Poindexter was in April 1990 convicted by a jury on five felony counts of
conspiracy, false statements, destruction and removal of records and
obstruction of Congress. The Court of Appeals reversed his conviction in
November 1991 on the immunized testimony issue.

[He was acquitted on the appeal because Pres. Reagan did not declassify
material needed for his defense.]

After his appointment, a February 25 press conference at the White House
played out like this:

Ari Fleischer: "Admiral Poindexter is somebody who this administration
thinks is an outstanding American, an outstanding citizen, who has done a
very good job in what he has done for our country, serving the military."

White House reporter Helen Thomas: "How can you say that, when he told
Colonel [Oliver] North to lie?"

Ari Fleischer: "I understand. The president thinks that Admiral Poindexter
has served our nation very well."

(Information gathered from /.)



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