MISS.ADO ADAMU on Tue, 12 Nov 2002 12:15:02 +0100 (CET)

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[Nettime-bold] PLEASE HELP

  Hi, How are you doing, I am so happy to write you this mail, I was
thinking of who I can really discuss my problems with, so I decided that I
should write you, I am not the kind of person who would send something like
this out to you unless I had actually thought of it, well I know that I am a
very young girl compare to your age, but I choosed to write you, because I
know that you can be able to give me good advise that you can also give to
your child, in such I want you to take me as your daughter. My name is
Ado  Adamu and I am a 17 years old girl, I was a computer science
student of the City Computer Technology, Lagos, Nigeria before I
recently lost both parents to a ghastly motor accident, My dad is a Nigerian
and my mum was from Ghana, I was born in Nigeria, but after the death of my
parents, I started staying with my dad sister, that was when my problems
started, my Aunty is not all that too educated, I can say she does not know
the value of education, she has been trying to persuade me into
prostitution, 3 of her daughters are prostituting in Europe, but I told her
that I want to continue my studies, she frowned at all my plead to get money
from her to resume school. I have not been able to pay for my school fees,
and that has been my major problem since all this while, the cost of my
school fees is N21,500 which is equilvanlent to $185, I have been begging
her but to no avail, but she is still bent on persuading me to go into
prostitution, I have been seeking for assistance here in Nigeria, but most
people that I can reach are very poor, good education is what I need now and
I just have to be begging to have it, my late parents always told me that if
I dedicate my time and become well educated that I will become great, but I
can now see it as something that I might never achieve, please give me your
advise, I want to realise the dream that my parents had for me, the only
resort now for me is to beg and please don't l
> ook down on me for that reason, it is circumstance that lead me to this.
please let me just ask this favor from you, I pray you willing be to help
me, but it is never my intention to ask you for assistance to pay my school
fees, but it is the time limit that I have to pay for my tuition that is
bothering me, if I am able to raise the money for my school fees then I will
go and resume school and also I want to leave my Aunty, I want to be staying
the school dormitory and avoid my Aunty, please just take me as your
daughter, if I had known any of my mums relative, they would have been the
ones to help me out, considering the fact that I am not in any position to
ask you for assistance, I will be most grateful if you can consider me as
your daughter and help me in paying my tuition, if I am able to pay for my
fees the school promised to give me free accomodation in the dormitory,
please just do this for me, let that which you want to give to me be your
own way of eradicating prostitution, I will be expecting your mail to know
how you can help me. My regards to your family and may the good Lord
continue to bless you, Amen.
> Sincerely Yours
> Ado Adamu
> I sent an Angel to watch over you while you were asleep but the Angel came
back earlier than I expected, and I asked the Angel why, and he said, Angels
don't watch over Angels.
> May you be an Angel to someone in need, Amen.