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[Nettime-bold] MS Office Tips 11-12-2002 [ Quick Symbols + Odd, Even, or First Page? ]

Title: MS Office Tips & Tricks

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 MUST HAVE - Awesome New Dictionary

We just received a new title - it's the Random House Webster's Dictionary and it's the best ever!

This dictionary is a must have (especially since most word processors still don't have one). This program has over 315,000 definitions (the largest number I've seen), 2,400 maps and illustrations, and over 120,000 professionally pronounced words!

What's with the word pronunciation? Just click the little "speaker" in the definition and you'll hear the word in your computer speakers. You don't even need to have the CD in the drive to use this feature (some other dictionaries require this).

If you've ever had a word come up and just weren't sure how to pronounce it (I think we've all been there), this dictionary can take that little mystery out of your life! I love it!

What about finding the word you need? This is the one of best I've seen. If you know how the word is spelled (or close), it finds it easy.

What if you don't know the spelling? Don't sweat it. You can search on words in the definition! For example, let's say you need to look up affenpinscher but aren't sure on the spelling (understandable). Since you know it's a dog (well, you do now :-), you can search for definitions with the word dog in them! Cool huh? Works great too.

Frankly, I didn't think they could put that much into a dictionary program. I have been using this on an almost daily basis since I installed it and am continuously impressed by it. I can't recommend this highly enough.

The price? That's the best part - right now it's only $12.97! Shipping is FREE if you live in the US and it has our 30 day satisfaction guarantee - if you don't like it, we'll take it back (even after you've tried it out!).

You have nothing to lose, so head to the site and take a look at this must-have program. I love it, and I'm sure you will to :-)


PS - Naturally, we weren't able to get a ton of these at this price, so quantities are limited. Please, don't miss out on this one, it's one of the best software values out there.

MS Office 101

Quick Symbols

Do you find yourself constantly going to the MS Word Insert menu, Symbol choice trying to insert a special symbol or arrow?

Wish you had a few keyboard shortcuts to bypass this (or to bypass the time it would take for you to assign them all individually)?

Here's a short list of key combinations that will "point the way to put a copyrighted smile on your face."

P. S. Here's a little bonus: if you want just the key combinations exactly as you see them in the left column, not the symbol, simply hit the Backspace key after Word creates the symbol. Word will then revert to the keystrokes instead of the symbol.

Office Tip of the Day

Odd Page, Even Page, First Page?

Have you ever been working in MS Word and found that you needed a header or footer on only the first page?

Or maybe you need a header or footer on every page except the first.

Or maybe you need a different header or footer on the odd and even pages (for documents that will be reproduced double sided and bound - you can't very well place the page number on the upper right corner of the left hand page - in the binding!)

If you've worked with headers and footers, you know that what you put on one page is displayed on all of them.

Or is it?

Not if you know where to look!

To prevent all headers and footers from being the same, go to the File menu, Page Setup choice.

In the Page Setup window go to the Layout tab.

In the center section you should find a Headers and Footers section. Here you will have two choices:

  • Different odd and even
  • Different first page

You should make the appropriate choice(s) for your document and then click OK.

Different odd and even will allow you to set up two types of headers and footers. One will apply only to odd numbered pages and the other to even numbered pages.

(Once you've made this choice and returned to your document you'll need to click into either an even or odd numbered page and then go to the View menu, Header and Footer choice. You should now see the header or footer section where you can enter the data that fits your needs.)

The choice of different first page allows you to set up a header or footer that is different for the first page. This is great when you don't need a header or footer on the first page, but do need them on every page thereafter. (Or vise versa is always an option.)

If you're in a creative mood, check both options. This would allow a different header or footer on the first page (or nothing at all) and then different information on odd and even pages.

For any readers who need a little help with the Header and Footer toolbar visit our archives at http://www.worldstart.com/archives/index.htm - check out the June 25, 2002 issue.

Have a great day :-)


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