Sola William on Tue, 12 Nov 2002 03:37:01 +0100 (CET)

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Bamaiyi William
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Dear Sir,
Compliments of the day to you and I hope this message gets to you in
sound health and a good frame of mind. I am William Bamaiyi and I
send this mail to on behalf of mother and myself.
The reason for this contact, I will explain. My dad was an active
partner to the late military Dictator (Sani Abacha) and you would not
be wrong to say he was a devil incarnate both to his immediate family
and the public. While they lasted in power, my mother was kept in
utter obscurity and totally eclipsed by a younger woman that always
accompanied him to public functions. My mother has a result of a
barbaric religious belief of her husband was not entitled to work and
so was left to suffer for lack of care and utter neglect. She in-turn
took ill and presently has a terrible stroke that has left half of
her body paralyzed. My younger sister also was forced to marry an
aged friend of my father when she was just thirteen, just for reasons
best known to him, she became a prisoner and we haven't seen or heard
from her for over six years. While their governance lasted, the late
dictator and his cohorts (including my father) amassed wealth
scattered in different banks and trust companies in Europe and the
Americas, but he never cared for the existence of his first family.
As fate may have it, their reign was terminated and now we have a
civilian government in place. My father and several others of their
collaborators are being held and tried for various acts against
humanity. Several of their various accounts have been frozen and the
present civilian government has pledged a continuous hunt. But when
my dad was apprehended, I (as the eldest son) personally conducted a
thorough search of his mansion hoping to find enough money or liquid
valuables that could be easily turned into cash for the treatment of
my dying mother. I found very little - negligible compared to what is
required for the treatment of my mother. But along the line, I
stumbled on a certificate of deposit for twenty one million dollars
(US$21,000,000.00) with a trust company on Europe. Our family
attorney has established contact with the trust company but my father
deposited the fund with a clause that the release will be executed by
a foreign interest. This explains my reason for contacting you. My
request from you is simple, I need you to assist us retrieve this
fund from the trust company so that my mother can be brought back to
her feet.
For your assistance, I will be willing to compensate you with 20% of
the fund while the rest will be used to resuscitate my mother and
start up a sustainable business enterprise you might be willing to
advise on.
Should you be interested to assist us, please do not hesitate to
respond immediately to this mail. Please tag your response "FRESH" so
that I will provide you with the required details for the retrieval
of the fund.
But if otherwise, please delete this mail, but assist us with your
kind and most sincere prayers.
Thank you.
Yours faithfully,
William Bamaiyi.