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[Nettime-bold] fAf's fabulous 15 years on CD

fAf November02
fAf's fabulous 15 years on CD

fineArt forum = art + technology netnews

This month marks the completion of one of faf biggest anniversary events - 
the release of faf_15, presenting a record of our 15 year history in the 
field of art, science and technology communications. You will find 
exclusively on faf_15:

:: the travelling screening program, 'fineArt in Motion' showcasing 14 
works from young and emerging artists from around the world;
:: specially collated features on fAf's fabulous 15 years; and
:: indepth discussions about all things fAf with past and present editors, 
Ray Lauzzana, Roger Malina, Annick Buread, Judy Malloy, Paul Brown, Nisar 
Keshvani and Linda Carroli.

The CD will prove to be a valuable resource for researchers, artists, 
writers and activists in the new media, science and technology fields 
together with broadening the audience of faf into worldwide areas of where 
low speed connections are predominant. More specifically, we plan to 
distribute the cdrom to screen resource centres, arts and artist groups, 
new media events and libraries worldwide to enhance access in those hard to 
reach areas. To obtain a copy, email fAf at l2.carroli@qut.edu.au with your 
name and postal address. Don't forget, fAf_15 is free. More information can 
be found online.

As usual faf is packed with events, opportunities and news about what's 
going on in the world of art, science and technology but you will want also 
to check out the following reviews:

:: Estelle Yaw reports on Collaboration, Networking and Resource-Sharing 
held in Myanmar;
:: Fatima Lasay provides the lowdown on DMF2002 in Manila;
:: Paul Brown reviews Sol LeWitt: Incomplete Open Cubes edited by Nicholas 
:: YJ Tan takes a look at Animated Film from Germany;
:: Agricola de Cologne discusses the Violence Online Festival;
:: Typeslowly, a text-art event recently held in Brisbane is reviewed; and
:: Kosmopolis, a festival of world literature in Barcelona next month is 

Since 25 Oct 2002, the fineArt forum (fAf) 15th Anniversary Travelling 
Screening Program, 'fineArt in motion' is showcased on Singapore One, 
Singapore's premier broadband network. Each week, three directors and their 
work will be showcased, putting Singapore on the global multimedia map. 
fAf's 15th Anniversary Screening Program, a special project curated by 
Nisar Keshvani features 14 works by young and emerging artists from around 
the world. It premiered at MAAP01 (Australia) and the Manila Digital Media 
Festival last year. This year, it has travelled to over 10 locations in 
Asia, Australia, Latin America and Europe.

fineArt in Motion: http://www.fineartforum.org/screen
Singapore One: http://s-one.net.sg/faf2002

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Subscription to fineArt forum is free. To subscribe: Send an email message 
to: mailserv@qut.edu.au with the following text in the message: subscribe 
fineartforum To unsubscribe - the first line of your email should read: 
unsubscribe fineartforum

fineArt forum is a free, not-for-profit news and information service 
exploring the relationship between the arts, sciences and technology. fAf 
aims to inform new media arts and technology communities worldwide of the 
latest events, developments and opportunities.

Send it to editor@fineartforum.org

Nisar Keshvani: editor@fineartforum.org
Linda Carroli: l2.carroli@qut.edu.au

. . . . .

fineArt forum is assisted by the Commonwealth Government through the 
Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body. Additional support 
is provided by QUT Communication Design Department, School of Film and 
Media Studies - Ngee Ann Polytechnic Singapore and Mississippi State 

fAf is produced on behalf of the Art, Science and Technology Network 
(ASTN). fAf and Leonardo Electronic Almanac (LEA) are strategic partners. 
LEA is an online peer-reviewed journal published at MIT Press for the 
Leonardo Network http://www.leonardo.info

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