Reuben Savimbi on Mon, 11 Nov 2002 15:32:01 +0100 (CET)

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I am MR REUBEN SAVIMBI one of the favorite sons of Mr.JONAS SAVIMBI (The 
Rebel leader) and also the head of the Unita Forces of Angola who was
killed in the 
Struggle between Angolan arm forces and his unita rebels On Friday the
22nd of 
February 2002.

 I am from Angola but currently I am currently on exile due to the War in
my country 
between the Rebel Group (Unita rebels) Led by my father Jonas Savimbi and
Angolan Government.
 I want a trust worthy, honest and God fearing individual to go into
Partnership with and that is the reason why I have decided to contact you.
The fund 
for investment is US$45.5M (Forty Five Million Five Hundred Thousand United 
States Dollars) and Diamond worth over Twelve Million Dollars. This fund
realized from the sales of Diamonds during the crisis between the Unita
(headed by my father Jonas Savimbi) and the then President Jose Eduardo dos 
Santos Of Angola.

 I fled from my country with this fund, which my father suppose to use
procure more 
arms for the Unita Rebels. This is because I felt that the battle waged by
the Unita 
Forces was more of rebellion and it was baseless. I had this fund sealed
in a 
diplomatic box and deposited in a private Security Company in Europe.  I
will need 
assistance from you to use your facilities to effect the removal of this
fund and 
subsequently transferred to your nominated account in your country. This
has to be done in a more confidential manner.

For participating in the business with me, I have two options for you. 
You can choose to have 
certain percentage of the funds or you can go into partnership with me for
proper profitable 
investment of the money in your country. 
Whichever the option you want, feel free to notify me.  The money is
presently lodged with a 
security firm and I will give you further details immediately I hear from
you. Please contact 
me immediately for the next line of action then I will introduce you to
the security 
company where the funds are been deposited. 

 I would like you to include your personal phone and fax numbers for more 
confidential Communication with the Security Company. I will like you to
that I have no access to telephone for now so you are advice to contact me
my email address. 

(For the family)

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