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[Nettime-bold] MACHINISTA 2003 - Call for Participation

MACHINISTA 2003 - Call for Participation

We invite you to participate in "MACHINISTA 2003" 
media art festival, organized and coordinated in Perm 
City, West Ural, Russia. Main subject of the festival 
is "Artificial Intelligence in Art: Faces of Machinic 
Ingenuity". The focus is on the new interaction of 
machinic and human in art and culture.

Categories of accepted works:
 "Machine as the artist's co-author"
 "Machine in place of the artist"
 "VJ's vs. visualizers"

Accepted are all media art works without genre 
limitations: video-art, music and sound, vj demos, 
multimedia installations, net-art and web-art, 
software art, graphical and 3D experiments etc. Works 
are accepted on the festival web site and published 

International jury: Hauska Tietokone (Helsinki, 
Finland), Alexei Andreyev (Saint-Petersburg, Russia), 
Vadim Epstein (Moscow, Russia).

All necessary information and submission form can be 
found on the festival web site:

Deadline: January 31, 2003.
Director: Sergei Teterin (Perm City, Russia) 

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