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ATTN: Director/Manager,

I am Mrs Grace Idris,the wife of  the former
advisor Hanza Sule Idris, Who is in charge of
arm and acquisition to the current President of Sierra Leone his Excellency,Ahmed Kabbah.

 Following the civil war in my country, the head of state delegated my husband to arrange for arm
purchase from the Republic of  South Africa through
independent Arms dealer,He was directed to purchase
arms worth of fourty two million United states dollar (US$42.M) 
on arrival in south Africa through diplomatic means,
he deposited the money in a private security company
with the name of our first son Ahmed Idris, 
and decleared it to be official consignment belonging
to his foreign affiliate based in Dubai.

On getting back home he was hijacked and killed by unknown people, I became widow over-night, God so kind all the papers for deposition of this money to the security company is with us, I did not waste time to run away with my sons and daughter to Rep. Of South Africa, on getting to South Africa, we could not find it easy to bring the consignment out of the security company, they demanded for our foreign affiliate /partner information that base in Dubai, due to these my son Ahmed Idris, have traveled to Dubai,for this transaction,
for that we were looking for a reliable trust worthy
person who can help us to transfer this money to his /
her private account overseas.

Remember the transaction will take part in Dubai, not in South Africa, because the security company agree to shift the consignment in Dubai, through we have contacted a man from USA, Named James Pier, he became unnecessary greedy concerning his share.
Luckily,I ran into your name through net-work search  and i decided to contact you and see if you could be of any help to us. We Intend to Compaset (1)   25% of the total sum to you if you agree in transferring this money into any of your accounts overseas.(2) 5% Map out in case any expenses , 70% of the total sum will be for the family’s investment in any country of which you will be guide to us especially in ARABIC Country. 

Please should this meet your utmost consideration please contact me through the above specified phone +27-73-131-3886 you can send a email, feel free to ask a question you consider necessary, then I will give you the number of my son in Dubai, Please include your private telephone and fax number for easy communication. 
Remember to keep this transaction secret for security reason. 

(NB)  I am 52 years old widow with 2 sons and
daughter, my second son name is Hassan Idris,
and my only daughter is Aisha Idris.

Best regards,

Mrs. Grace.Idris.

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